Red Rose Report #1: An Understanding of Our Evident Direction

Ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries, I ask you what the latest culture war battle we're all supposed to be fighting is right now? Did you know that the reason that Republican supporting dips keep doing this shit is because they no idea what else to do with themselves? Their favorite conartists and media sources work them up and then they just HAVE to own the libs.

Did you also know, liberals, that you do not need to drop to their level to fight back? There's more than feeling superior and then being blind to stuff you hated under a republican presidency happening still bow while you enjoy brunch.

And all of y'all, stop treating politicians like fucking icons and starting sub-cult fangroups for them. They're public servants. Nothing more or less.

See, the culture wars exist solely to distract you and keep the infighting going. The elite would rather us argue instead of looking up and point the finger in the correct direction.

Look at the recent work done by the excellent Green Peace UK, which further exposed what we all knew, or at least those paying attention.

The majority of elected officials are owned by various interest groups and the country is ran by a select few. They spend billions to hide trillions to avoid paying millions. A big game. A big club. A big con.

And the lies of Syria further make sense if you follow the money. Oh, and our latest bombing is illegal, by the way, even if you see Biden as an uncle type.

Thanks whistleblowers for proving what many of us already knew there, too. Exposing that the chemical attack story was false.

In other news, the government finally revealed that UFO's exist, duh, and they cannot explain what they are if not aliens. They also say it certainly wasn't aliens. A counter point would be the remind folks of the trademarks filed years ago for seemingly alien inspired tech.

Our infrastructure, the one that Biden is talking himself down on more and more while bridges, buildings, roads, and more crumble around us, is being sold off to the highest bidder. It rhymes with black cock. Expect most highways to become toll roads at the very least. The Supreme Court, the most dangerous thing to come from the Trump admin, will support an accelerated move that direction.

The Water Wars near closer and closer and the south is already showing signs of droughts while the north reaches the highest temperatures ever reported. A reminder, but Texas showed recently that their unregulated energy system cannot handle both the cold nor the thing Texas is known for aka a heat so hot it makes you anus burn anytime you fart.

COVID continues to expose how fucked the USA is, due largely to a lack of respect for human life. Variants to pop up increasingly that can break through the vaccine. We'll need yearly boosters until even those stop working. So many options for doomsday I suppose.

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