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Select Match Reviews: Sing a Battle Cry (ROH)

Matches from Ring of Honor Gateway to Honor: 1.Villain Enterprises vs Briscoes, Slex ***3/4 2.Castle vs Cobb vs King vs Hotsauce ***1/4 3.Lethal,Gresham vs MexiSquad ***1/2 4.ROH World Title: PCO(c) vs Rush vs Haskins *** Thoughts: As my boycott continues, I complete working through earlier 2020 stuff from a list that just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Note, for anyone curious, that for me to watch another show this year I am going to need to see major steps taken in regards to safety. AAA, for context, is arguably doing the best job of running right now while being safe but that's not enough for me. AEW last week did decent, too. Not enough. My standards here are high because, as I've said before and as was echoed by Scurll in a recent podcast, wrestling is awesome but it's not worth a single person dying as a result of new shows. Anyway, let's take a look at the most recent Ring of Honor show. It's sad how little buzz they are getting this year, but

Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part Two

Matches: 1.Best 2 Out of 3: Fenix vs Dragon Azteca Jr ***1/2 2.Deathmatch: Mil Muertes vs The Mack ***3/4 3.Sacrifice to the Gods: Matanza vs Mundo *** 4.Lucha Underground Title, Cero Miedo Match: Marty the Moth(c) vs Pentagon Dark **** 5.Lucha Underground Title: Pentagon Dark(c) vs Jake Strong NR Thoughts: Taya was possessed by the doll in a glorious moment that I am sadened to say will never get a follow up. The opening match was very good, though the finish was pretty shit for my taste and I don't think they utilized the stip as well as expected, considering they are from a country well known for 2/3 falls matches. Add a few more minutes and save the Santos drama for post and it would have been better. The good news is, other than the contest was still great as I said before, that they used the moment to introduce Shaul Guerrero. Sure, the Famous B stuff was a bit cheap, but it is still cool stuff. Up second, The Mack got a big moment by taking down the moster Mil i

NCAA '12 Log 1

With sports being MIA right now, I decided to boot up my PS3 and play NCAA 2012. It's been a long time since I've played but it seems like a good time to do so. I'm playing Dynasty mode and plan to log my activity here, so let's dig in. I changed up the conference layouts first to get them as close to accurate as possible, though it did take some minor maneuvering and concessions. For my first job, I could have gone with my personal favorite school but starting as USC head coach right out of the gates seemed a bit much and I had no interest in being a coordinator and missing out on half of the games. I went ahead and made Syracuse, which happens to be in my top four schools list anyway, my starting location. I am a huge fan of the school and eventually wanna settle down in Syracuse, New York so it was an easy choice. The goals set for me on my contract include (in order of importance): -Win 8 games in a season -Make it to a bowl game -Win 6 games in a season

Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part One

Matches: 1.Lucha Underground Trios Titles, Elimination: Reptile Tribe(c) vs Rabbit Tribe vs Ivelisse, Guevara, XO ***1/2 2.Ricky Mundo vs Taya ** 3.Apuesta: Killshot vs Son of Havoc **** Thoughts: Part one of the end. Lucha Underground remains one of my personal favorite things in the entertainment realm ever, and I applaud them for all the memories, even if there were some skeletons in the closet. I know how bittersweet finally finishing the series is for me pales in comparison to some of those that were held hostage by draconian contracts, and I want to personally thank those that risked their bodies and their careers working these shows. Even the weakest episodes always entertained more than nearly anything else on television and I will always look back on the show fondly. This started with a nice wibbly wobbly Aerostar package before launching straight into championship action. The elimination rules contest was pretty good, with some nice storywork mixed in alongside quali

MLW Fusion #108 Review

Matches: 1.Poder del Norte vs Black Destiny, Rayo Star, Fantastik **3/4 2.AAA Trios Titles: Jinetes del Aire(c) vs Injustice ***1/4 Thoughts: This one caught my eye and also happens to have been taped before my boycott cutoff, so let's take a look. These super shows tend to provide very random encounters, but honestly I dig that. I liked the scorecard listed at the beginning, by the way. Cool addition. Up first, PdN were in action in an exhibition match. And really, an exhibition match is exactly what it was. For the mindless throwaway that it was, it was decent, though. The rudo unit got to do their thing and I'm sure they did enough to catch the attention of some fans that might have never seen them before and I actually hope they get to appear on Fusion again in the future because they're one of my favorite parts of AAA.  They gave a look at some angle with Vega and Dynasty that I didn't care about in the slightest. It was followed up on later in

CHIKARA Action Arcade #3 Review

Matches: 1.Thief Ant vs Defarge **1/4 2.FIST vs Maraldo, Webb *3/4 3.The Crucible vs Forged **3/4 4.Razerhawk vs Rocco NR 5.YLC Four Way First Round Elimination: Boomer vs Ball vs Masha vs Impaler *** Thoughts: This edition featured some decent action, though nothing truly recommendation level, alongside some fun promo work and nice story work. It was largely a push-ahead episode, but on a more positive note it was still very fun plus you got some good Action Arcade in-ring debuts and the main was certainly surprising. If you're not sold on the show, this one wont change your mind but it was entertaining for what it is. ROH and MLW reviews likely up next. Overall Rating: 60/100%