Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part One

Ultima Lucha Cuatro: Part 1 Recap - Sports News Quest
1.Lucha Underground Trios Titles, Elimination: Reptile Tribe(c) vs Rabbit Tribe vs Ivelisse, Guevara, XO ***1/2
2.Ricky Mundo vs Taya **
3.Apuesta: Killshot vs Son of Havoc ****

Part one of the end. Lucha Underground remains one of my personal favorite things in the entertainment realm ever, and I applaud them for all the memories, even if there were some skeletons in the closet. I know how bittersweet finally finishing the series is for me pales in comparison to some of those that were held hostage by draconian contracts, and I want to personally thank those that risked their bodies and their careers working these shows. Even the weakest episodes always entertained more than nearly anything else on television and I will always look back on the show fondly.

This started with a nice wibbly wobbly Aerostar package before launching straight into championship action. The elimination rules contest was pretty good, with some nice storywork mixed in alongside quality in-ring work with solid pacing. No real complaints here, other than how weird Ivelisse and her makeshift team had been booked since forming.

Up second, the interesting booking of Ricky Mundo came to a thud. I had wondered what the plan was for him and even hoped for a big moment here for the dude, but this was simply a way to get Taya payback in a very average outing. Post-match, Ricky was put through a table and then had his little Annabelle stolen. I wonder if they were going to have her get manipulated and turned fully loca next season.

In the three spot, one of the matches I was most hopeful for took center stage. At least it was better built and generally done than that Sexy Star/Superfly apuesta, by the way. A good wager bout needs lots of action, building in violence, and some good drama mixed in. This came with nice doses of that and was a truly fantastic display. Killshot unmasked after and identified himself and, though I obviously knew what Shane Strickland looked like, the moment felt a bit weakened in general not because of that but more due to his short promo feeling a tad weak itself but kudos for SOH for trying to sell it. The emotion he showed as the fans chanted and he walked off was better, at least. None of that took away anything from the match itself, of course.

Closing the episode, Fox and Strickland shared a moment. Decent stuff closing one of the better angles of the series.

In all, this was a very good installment dragged down only by the basic, but short, Taya versus Ricky showing and deserves a thumbs up.

Pretty sure after I finish the second part that I'm going to start digging out old DVD's soon to watch and review. Something to look forward to for repeat visitors. Also, I have more CHIKARA, some Ring of Honor, and two Defy shows on the list. I am also considering doing a fantasy booking series for Lucha Underground at some point. I might even have Eric Mutter from Lucha Central help me out with that. Eric, if you're reading this, thanks for putting up with my bullshit. You're an awesome dude.

I hope all is well, stay safe, and thanks for reading.

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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