NCAA Football 12 Syracuse Dynasty | [Y1G1] Let's Get Things ...
With sports being MIA right now, I decided to boot up my PS3 and play NCAA 2012. It's been a long time since I've played but it seems like a good time to do so. I'm playing Dynasty mode and plan to log my activity here, so let's dig in.

I changed up the conference layouts first to get them as close to accurate as possible, though it did take some minor maneuvering and concessions.

For my first job, I could have gone with my personal favorite school but starting as USC head coach right out of the gates seemed a bit much and I had no interest in being a coordinator and missing out on half of the games. I went ahead and made Syracuse, which happens to be in my top four schools list anyway, my starting location. I am a huge fan of the school and eventually wanna settle down in Syracuse, New York so it was an easy choice.

The goals set for me on my contract include (in order of importance):
-Win 8 games in a season
-Make it to a bowl game
-Win 6 games in a season
-Finish each season ranked in the top 75
-Beat a rival

Here's the rankings heading into the season:
6.Ohio St
7.Oklahoma St
8.Boise St
9.Texas A&M
10.Florida St
13.South Carolina
15.Michigan St
19.Mississippi St
21.Notre Dame
24.NC St
25.Arizona St
Syracuse was listed as 63 in preseason rankings if you're curious.

Here's my schedule for the premier season:
at Pitt
at GT
#10 FSU
#17 VT
at Clem
at #24 NCSU
at UL
at #8 Boise
#21 ND

Before the game, I worked a bit of scouting; making some phone calls to choice recruits.

GAME 1: at Pitt
We start the season with a rain soaked rivalry game that featured a second half comeback from behind and loads of drama as Syracuse picked up win #1! The game was a pain in the ass, but the scoreboard reflected hard work and saw Cuse take down Pitt 38-28.

Next up, Wakeforest.