MLW Fusion #108 Review

1.Poder del Norte vs Black Destiny, Rayo Star, Fantastik **3/4
2.AAA Trios Titles: Jinetes del Aire(c) vs Injustice ***1/4

This one caught my eye and also happens to have been taped before my boycott cutoff, so let's take a look. These super shows tend to provide very random encounters, but honestly I dig that. I liked the scorecard listed at the beginning, by the way. Cool addition.

Up first, PdN were in action in an exhibition match. And really, an exhibition match is exactly what it was. For the mindless throwaway that it was, it was decent, though. The rudo unit got to do their thing and I'm sure they did enough to catch the attention of some fans that might have never seen them before and I actually hope they get to appear on Fusion again in the future because they're one of my favorite parts of AAA. 

They gave a look at some angle with Vega and Dynasty that I didn't care about in the slightest. It was followed up on later in the night, too. Pillman and Injustice's feud looks a lot better at least and even came with an interesting apuesta challenge. MLW Fusion really is a modernization of 90's US professional wrestling.

LA Park en la Cocina, Pendejos! was a delightful train wreck. Just watch that and enjoy, plain and simple. Oh, and there was even a Bullet Club logo cameo which is fitting since I watched this on Bullet Club Day. Remind me by the way, but why isn't Park the MLW World Champ?

Smith called out Fatu next. Could be a decent watch when it happens but I don't expect a title change.

The main event was specifically what really got me to click play. The crew didn't mic this EMW crowd as well as they should have, for the record. Oh well. As happy as I was seeing PdN get a spot on Fusion, having Jinetes del Aire is even better. The finish was fucked and it didn't click as well as hoped, but it was fairly good stuff for sure!

For a random grab bag episode with little in the way of true development, this easily gets a thumbs up either way thanks completely to the Park segment as well as the main event. Give it a spin above!

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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