CHIKARA Action Arcade #3 Review

RAZERHAWK (@razerhawk2000) | Twitter
1.Thief Ant vs Defarge **1/4
2.FIST vs Maraldo, Webb *3/4
3.The Crucible vs Forged **3/4
4.Razerhawk vs Rocco NR
5.YLC Four Way First Round Elimination: Boomer vs Ball vs Masha vs Impaler ***

This edition featured some decent action, though nothing truly recommendation level, alongside some fun promo work and nice story work. It was largely a push-ahead episode, but on a more positive note it was still very fun plus you got some good Action Arcade in-ring debuts and the main was certainly surprising. If you're not sold on the show, this one wont change your mind but it was entertaining for what it is.

ROH and MLW reviews likely up next.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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