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ROH TV Episode 411 Review

Matches: 1.Hotsauce vs Silas vs Woods vs Taylor NR ROH World Title: Taven(c) vs Lethal vs King ***3/4 Thoughts: I still dislike Taven as World Champ but it's a smaller issue in comparison to the bigger ones ROH is facing right now. He did come off much better on this episode than usual. The new format is interesting. The opening promo and related follow up interviews were decent enough and the detail segments promoting the Summer Supercard event were solid. The blurred blood shit is still laughable. I dislike so much time being spent before we get to the first official match, especially when it was aired in clipped form. Here it is for those interested in the full thing. I'm not going to watch it, but it looked decent here and I love Tracy winning, especially with him scoring a clean pin on Silas. In many ways, the new format reminds me of Wrestle-1's weekly series though I'm not sure it fits with ROH as much. Perhaps I'll get used to it as I do enjo

Select Match Reviews: Warriors in Angelic Fog

Match from CMLL Martes 1.CMLL World Tag Titles: Guerreros Laguneros(c) vs Hermano Chavez ***1/2 Thoughts: I had accidentally overlooked this one, so let's take a look. Angel and Niebla have become much better roster members since dropping their masks, which is strange. Still, they are one of the best teams in CMLL, as are the champs, of course. This was a pretty good showcase for both pairs and a nice defense for the Guerrero crew. If you want some solid lucha action tonight, here's a good one.

Select Match Reviews: Unbreakable Kimmy Impact

Matches from Impact Unbreakable 1.Elgin vs Edwards ***1/2 2.Sami vs Tessa ***1/2 Thoughts: Elgin and Edwards put in for a very good contest that kept the momentum going for the big man. He's one of Impact's best things right now, but I do hope that Edwards gets more relevant roles again soon. The main event was very good, too, and a nice rematch from their recent big contest. I had hoped Tessa would win but the finish has me thinking Tessa will be added to the upcoming title match making it a three way. I hope I'm right and I hope they pull the trigger and put the belt on her. Check both of these out.

Late Night Snack #3: Rollerball

Top 10+ Matches of July 2019

So much awesome content once again that I had to go well over ten matches. That's a theme but I like the idea of keeping it to ten when possible. Still, check these all out and take a look at the full list of recommendations . ****3/4 -Okada/Ospreay 07/20 (njpw) ****1/2 -Endo/Takeshita 07/15 (ddt) -Ishii/Moxley 07/19 (njpw) -Big R,Eita/KAI,YAMATO/Doi,Ishida 07/21 (dragon gate) -Kento/Zeus 07/28 (ajpw) -Ishii/Juice 07/28 (njpw) ****1/4 -Ilja/Devlin 07/06 (progress) -Riddle/Gulak 07/13 (evolve) -Ishii/Cobb 07/13 (njpw) -Ishii/White 07/15 (njpw) -Ospreay/Kota 07/18 (njpw) -Takeshita/Brookes 07/21 (ddt) -Okabayashi/Nomura 07/21 (bjw) -Go, Nakajima/Kaito,Shuhei 07/21 (noah) -Hoshiki/Hazuki 07/24 (stardom) -Okada/KENTA 07/27 (njpw) -Kaito/Nakajima 07/27 (noah)

Select Match Reviews: G1 Roundup #4

Matches from G1 Climax Nights 11-13 Night Eleven 1.Sabre vs Ospreay **** 2.Tanahashi vs EVIL ***3/4 Night Twelve 3.Cobb vs SHINGO ***1/2 4.Mox vs Toru Yano NR 5.Naito vs Juice ***1/4 6.Goto vs Ishii ***3/4 Night Thirteen 7.Ospreay vs EVIL ***3/4 8.Kota vs Tanahashi ****1/4 9.Okada vs SANADA ****3/4 Thoughts: We are near the end, and I'd be lying if I said this hasn't been one of the best G1 tournaments of all time. I also wanted to note that I like the baseball style stats the English crew are using. Night eleven had a fantastic battle between the two best British wrestlers in the game and a great contest with daddy ace and EVIL. Ospreay needs to get a permanent move to heavyweight sooner than later and EVIL continues to be one of the best underdogs of the tournament. Night twelve pulls started with a very good match with Cobb and SHINGO, but Cobb does seem a bit off during his G1 outings. I decided to go ahead and watch the infamous Mox/Yano bout. Looney T

Select Match Reviews: A Defiant Swerve

Match from DEFY NOW 07/04 1.No DQ: Strickland vs Darby **** Thoughts: Take note that you can see this and other content from DEFY via CZW Studios . I haven't seen a lot of DEFY in the past but I hear great things and a recent conversation with Borden had me decide to pull the trigger and pick something from them to watch right now. This is the farewell match for Shane here since he is now in NXT and likely one of the final matches for Darby, too. The crowd here was fantastic, the commentary was decent, and the production is some of the best in the business. Remember when PROGRESS was one of the hottest things in the game? That's the same vibe I got here. I'll be watching DEFY more often, for sure. The match was pretty awesome, too. Darby nearly died a few times, Shane looked like the star that he is, and they both worked their asses off to provide a fitting send off. Sign up and watch this one when you get a chance!

PCW Ultra MUTINY #4 Review

Matches: 1.PCW Ultra Tag/DEFY Tag Titles, No DQ: WARBEAST(c) vs Lucha Bros ***1/2 Thoughts: The last episode before their No Quarter show (or should I say tapings?). I wanted to see this match and it was the only one on this week's edition, so I'll just check out the whole thing. They, of course, spent a portion promoting the show which looks to be a decent gig. I loved the background jam used here. It admittedly sucks a tad that they basically gave away the outcome of the main event here, but it is what it is. I don't mind spoilers, to be honest, but I'm not in the majority on that, it seems. The viewer discretion warning was a nice touch and I must say that I like the fans on these episodes so far. Better than most TV crowds. The contest was pretty good, with a good use of violence and a decent layout. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was very enjoyable overall. The skewers spot is one of the few times you'll ever see them used on an

Road to All Out #4 Thoughts

TripleMania stuff took up the first part of the episode before we got to the real meat of the installment. I loved the announcement of them using the casino battle royale again for the ladies, especially in regards to the new names being brought in. Teal is cool, Ivelisse is always awesome and I'm happy for her, Jazz is still great, and the Nyla section that closed the episode was a nice addition. This is well worth seeing once again.

Select Match Reviews: Serious and Stable Wizard versus Chaotic Wolf Cub

Match from PALL: IWRG vs CMLL 1.Dragon Bane vs Septimo Dragon vs Toxin vs Freelance vs Fly Star ***1/4 2.Hechicero vs Hijo de Canis Lupus ***1/2 Thoughts: Calling this show IWRG vs CMLL is a tad questionable, but whatever. These two matches, one of which could actually be considered to fit the theme, made my list. The first could have been one of the best spotfests of the year, but a few ill timed botches and some of the scariest moments I've seen in a long time held it back from that level. I actually almost rated it even lower as a result, but there was enough good that I think it did deserve this grade. Watch it even though it's outside of my recommended levels if you want to see something insane in the best and worst ways. The main event was very good, as Hechicero's work tends to be, and a good first battle between him and the Canis Lupus kid. I hope they really do have a rematch, as teased here. If nothing else, watch that one.

Select Match Reviews: Two Bulls and a Handsome Man in the Moonlight

Match from DDT Moonlight Express Day 1.Moonlight Express, ASUKA vs Brahman Brothers, Jiro *** Thoughts: If you've seen a Brahman Brothers match before, you know what kind of insanity played a role in this one. The end stretch section had enough seriousness to it that I decided this one was worth given a rating, and I happened to be in the mood for this brand of chaos at the moment. Basically, this was entertaining and good overall, but go ahead and skip it unless you're very bored or just happen to love someone involved in the contest. More Jiro in DDT, please...

Watch Full Lucha Underground Series Free!

If you missed out on Lucha Underground's four, AMAZING seasons, or if you just want to rewatch the awesomeness, Tubi now has the entire run up for free. Watch it here .

Kenny Sends a Message to Fenix

In case you missed TripleMania, here's one of the biggest stories....

Being the Elite #164 Thoughts

Throwback style entertainment this week. Seeing the guys try Mexican food was funny for me. I'm from Texas where most of these items are common cuisine. The crew reference, or mock, Scurll, Cole, and Lince Dorado for those keeping track. The garage door line was gold and the show focusing on TripleMania was a nice touch. Things closed with a nice teaser for the future dates on TV. Click that link to find out where those are... As usual, this was a good time but I have to say it was arguably even better than usual because of the intimate, old school BTE nature of the episode.

AAA TripleMania Review

Matches: 1.Arkangel Divino, Astrolux, Dragon Bane vs Aramis, Arez, Toxin **** 2.AAA Mixed Tag Titles: Nino, Mami(c) vs Guevara, Scarlett vs Australian Suicide,Vanilla vs Maravilla,Villano III Jr *** 3.AAA Trios Titles: Jinetes del Aire(c) vs Fresas Salvajes vs PdN ***1/2 4.Copa TripleMania ***1/4 5.AAA Reina de Reinas Title, TLC: Tessa vs Hamada vs Taya vs Faby vs Shani vs Tormenta vs Hiedra ***1/2 6.Cain, Cody, Psycho vs Mercanarios, Kross *** 7.The ELITE vs Lucha Bros, Laredo Kid ***3/4 8.Apuesta: Blue Demon Jr vs Rey Wagner ****1/2 Thoughts: In April of last year, AAA made a major change and turned themselves around. While they still had flaws like all wrestling promotions do, they were closer to the AAA that we all knew they could be. I wanted to watch live, actually, but between the video edit assignments and some family stuff, that wasn't an option. Anyway, a little over a year later, they are partners with the hottest new toy in the game, had a UFC standout worki

Select Match Reviews: Neverending Story

Match from ArenaNeza 1.MexaBlood vs Templario, Emperador Azteca *** 2.Los Ingobernables vs Familia Real ***1/4 Thoughts: The tag match was good, but far too many issues held the match back from being anything more than that. At least it looked like Bandido and Flamita were having fun. The next chapter in the ongoing Park/Rush feud was the spectacle I've come to expect from these matches, especially when they take place on indie gigs. Neither of these are must-see, but if you are seeking some random lucha this morning, they're at least largely entertaining.

Select Match Reviews: EmeraldWeight

Matches from NOAH Global Junior League 07/27 1.Global Junior League Finals: HAYATA vs Tadasuke ***1/2 2.GHC Heavyweight Title: Kaito(c) vs Nakajima ****1/4 Thoughts: This year's Junior League ended on a high note. The first pull had RATEL'S partners battling for the trophy and right to challenge for the Junior title in a very good contest. Ignoring a few minor missteps, they both worked hard to make the match seem meaningful. The event closed with Kaito's latest defense. Seeing the champ's growth from where he was last year has been awesome, and his spirit on display here once again showcased exactly what NOAH is all about. Nakajima beat the shit out of him, but the perseverance pushed him past just enough to reclaim the feds's top prize. Check these out.