Select Match Reviews: G1 Roundup #4

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Matches from G1 Climax Nights 11-13

Night Eleven
1.Sabre vs Ospreay ****
2.Tanahashi vs EVIL ***3/4
Night Twelve
3.Cobb vs SHINGO ***1/2
4.Mox vs Toru Yano NR
5.Naito vs Juice ***1/4
6.Goto vs Ishii ***3/4
Night Thirteen
7.Ospreay vs EVIL ***3/4
8.Kota vs Tanahashi ****1/4
9.Okada vs SANADA ****3/4

We are near the end, and I'd be lying if I said this hasn't been one of the best G1 tournaments of all time. I also wanted to note that I like the baseball style stats the English crew are using.

Night eleven had a fantastic battle between the two best British wrestlers in the game and a great contest with daddy ace and EVIL. Ospreay needs to get a permanent move to heavyweight sooner than later and EVIL continues to be one of the best underdogs of the tournament.

Night twelve pulls started with a very good match with Cobb and SHINGO, but Cobb does seem a bit off during his G1 outings. I decided to go ahead and watch the infamous Mox/Yano bout. Looney Tunes style stuff and a bit too much comedy to give a real rating, but it was entertaining if you want a laugh, I suppose. Naito and Juice's match was good but very disappointing overall. The night capped with a great NEVER style clash. Ishii remains one of the best in the world. In all, that was the weakest night of G1 action I've seen this year.

The last evening of match selections started with a great showing from Ospreay and EVIL before we got two fantastic affairs. Kota and Tana was emotional and dramatic but overshadowed a touch by Okada and SANADA's performance who put in for a near perfect MOTYC. This night really showcased why NJPW is above all others.

The G1 is living up nicely to the hype once again so make sure you're not skipping out.