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Top 10+ Matches of July 2019

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So much awesome content once again that I had to go well over ten matches. That's a theme but I like the idea of keeping it to ten when possible. Still, check these all out and take a look at the full list of recommendations.

-Okada/Ospreay 07/20 (njpw)

-Endo/Takeshita 07/15 (ddt)
-Ishii/Moxley 07/19 (njpw)
-Big R,Eita/KAI,YAMATO/Doi,Ishida 07/21 (dragon gate)
-Kento/Zeus 07/28 (ajpw)
-Ishii/Juice 07/28 (njpw)

-Ilja/Devlin 07/06 (progress)
-Riddle/Gulak 07/13 (evolve)
-Ishii/Cobb 07/13 (njpw)
-Ishii/White 07/15 (njpw)
-Ospreay/Kota 07/18 (njpw)
-Takeshita/Brookes 07/21 (ddt)
-Okabayashi/Nomura 07/21 (bjw)
-Go, Nakajima/Kaito,Shuhei 07/21 (noah)
-Hoshiki/Hazuki 07/24 (stardom)
-Okada/KENTA 07/27 (njpw)
-Kaito/Nakajima 07/27 (noah)