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Matches from NOAH Global Junior League 07/27
1.Global Junior League Finals: HAYATA vs Tadasuke ***1/2
2.GHC Heavyweight Title: Kaito(c) vs Nakajima ****1/4

This year's Junior League ended on a high note.

The first pull had RATEL'S partners battling for the trophy and right to challenge for the Junior title in a very good contest. Ignoring a few minor missteps, they both worked hard to make the match seem meaningful.

The event closed with Kaito's latest defense.

Seeing the champ's growth from where he was last year has been awesome, and his spirit on display here once again showcased exactly what NOAH is all about. Nakajima beat the shit out of him, but the perseverance pushed him past just enough to reclaim the feds's top prize.

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