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Match from DEFY NOW 07/04
1.No DQ: Strickland vs Darby ****

Take note that you can see this and other content from DEFY via CZW Studios. I haven't seen a lot of DEFY in the past but I hear great things and a recent conversation with Borden had me decide to pull the trigger and pick something from them to watch right now.

This is the farewell match for Shane here since he is now in NXT and likely one of the final matches for Darby, too.

The crowd here was fantastic, the commentary was decent, and the production is some of the best in the business. Remember when PROGRESS was one of the hottest things in the game? That's the same vibe I got here. I'll be watching DEFY more often, for sure.

The match was pretty awesome, too. Darby nearly died a few times, Shane looked like the star that he is, and they both worked their asses off to provide a fitting send off. Sign up and watch this one when you get a chance!