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On the Road

On the road. Posts to resume in a few days. Thanks for visiting. Explore some of the older posts for now and drop a comment.

Select Match Reviews: Caged Turtle

Matches from IWRG Guerra del Golfo 1.Ultimo Maldito, Lunatic Xtreme, Eterno vs Arkangel Divino, Dinamic Black, Eragon ***1/2 2.IWRG IC Welterweight Title: Cerebro Negro(c) vs Demonio Infernal ***1/2 3.Cage, Apuesta: Mike vs Metaleon *** Thoughts: IWRG is one of the best promotions that no one watches. Note that I did skip the two advancement cage matches here. Sadly, lucha libre and cages don't mix well and the idea of watching three was a big turn off. The opener was pretty fun, and the end-stretch was full of the kinds of spots you'd want from a trios match in Naucalpan. The title match had an iffy finish, but was still an entertaining slow burn. I just wish it had reached the intensity level that I had expected. Maybe they're saving it for an apuesta. The main event saw another turtle unmasked. Note that if you watch the whole video that there are two cage matches first. Each features eight luchadores. The last wrestler in the ring at the end of each face o

Select Match Reviews: The Road to MSG

Matches from RevPro Live in New York City 1.A-Kid vs Lykos vs Flamita vs Romo ***1/2 2.Tanahashi, Ospreay vs Suzuki-gun ***3/4 3.Ishii vs Starr ***1/2 4.Aussie Open vs RPG3K **** Thoughts: This was a bit like a Road to gig for the MSG show. That's largely due to how RevPro books their shows, though. Like Ring of Honor, they are heavy with New Japan talent. That said, RevPro at least came out of the weekend looking good. The first pull was a fun four-way. Pretty much a spotfest, but some seeds were set for a future A-Kid/Romo feud. Good stuff. Next up was a great tag match, with Sabre and Suzuki once again looking like one of the fiercest duos in the game. Everyone worked hard instead of taking the night off, with Ospreay even looking like he might have broken his nose. Worth checking out especially if you haven't seen the MSG show yet. Use it as a primer of sorts. The third match I selected was pretty good as well. Starr was a true standout during the week. Solid

Ospreay Signs New Contract

Reports are coming out that Will Ospreay has re-signed with New Japan. His contract allows him to continue working for OTT, RevPro, and other approved events.

Best of the Super Junior Lineup Partially Revealed

New Japan has released the flyer for this year's Best of the Super Juniors Tournament, with 19 workers being showcased. The advertisement features the following: -Ishimori -Ospreay -Bandido -Scurll -Titan -Gresham -Dragon Lee -BUSHI -Shingo -SHO -YOH -El Desperado -Flip Gordon -Kanemaru -TAKA -Tiger Mask -Taguchi -Romero -Eagles This leaves one more spot if they run a 20-man tournament again. Hiromu is set to return later in the year, but could be the mystery name if they decide to pull the trigger earlier. My money is on Phantasmo, the newest Bullet Club member, though.

AEW News Roundup

Joshi standout, Hikaru Shida, has signed with AEW. If you are unfamiliar with her work, I promise you'll be impressed. In other news, the Bucks versus Lucha Bros match at Double or Nothing is now officially for the AAA Tag Titles. The Bucks won them at a recent AAA show from Pentagon and Fenix. Last thing of note, but I have reached out to Konnan to see if I can find out anything more about the MSG show. I will post any updates that I can confirm.

Watch AKE Deathmatch Desafio Free Now!

I am unsure that I'll be able to watch this one, with all the other stuff I need to catch up on, but I wanted to at least give it a spotlight of sorts. This is a lucha deathmatch tournament , featuring names like Ciclope, Miedo Extremo, and Drastik Boy. If someone does watch this based off of this post, fell free to comment which matches I should check out.

Select Match Reviews: Mexa Spotfest

Match from MexaWrestling 04/06/2019 1.Aramis,Latigo vs Arkangel Divino,Ultimo Maldito vs Dragon Bane,Septimo Dragon ***1/2 Thoughts: I expected an entertaining spotfest, and that's what I got. I mean, this was just a car wreck of humanity in all of the right ways. Aramis was the star, as usual, taking some of the sickest bumps as well as showcasing his fun moveset. Pretty good match. If you want a random lucha sprint, consider checking this one out. Stuff like this is exactly why I search indie lucha results.

RIP Brindis del Aire

Brindis del Aire, a Texas-based luchadore, has passed away. My condolences to his loved ones. If you'd like to help support his family in this difficult time, here is a flyer for an upcoming show. All proceeds will go to them. His Facebook will feature more info.

Tirantes Leaves CMLL

It looks like longtime CMLL ref, Tirantes, has left the promotion. Rumors suggest that years of misbehavior finally reached a tipping point, but no official word on the specifics. There are years worth of reports, though. His son works for AAA, where Tirantes used to work. I'd expect to see him go there. I wish the controversial referee the best on whatever his next move might be.

Die #1 Review

Die is a dark fantasy tale, described by the writer as "goth Jumanji". That should be enough to get you to check out the first issue, and I am certain you'll want to keep reading afterwards. I'd also mention Stephen King's It and the old D&D cartoon as influences. The toon is mentioned as a major inspiration in the back of the issue, actually. Gillen established the tone quickly, and the writing was superb throughout. Mix in excellent art from Stephanie Hans, and you have a winner. The bar is set high in this debut. I just hope the rest of volume one keeps it up. Rating: ***1/2

Select Match Reviews: Spellbound

Matches from WrestleCon Supershow 1.Fenix vs Pentagon ***1/2 2.Cavenario vs Dragon Lee **** 3.Strickland vs Sabre Jr ***1/2 4.Ospreay vs Bandido **** Thoughts: WrestleCon once again was a standout show in the middle of a swarm of wrestling events. The first pull here saw the Lucha Bros in a pretty good sprint. When it comes to brother versus brother matches, these two always give us something worth watching. The CMLL showcase was excellent, as expected. The caveman was my top worker of the year for a while and I expect to see him high on the list when the year ends. Both of these guys are elite luchadores, and I hope they won over a lot of new fans with this one. One of the best of the week. Strickland and Sabre put in for a nice contest up next, though the pacing was a bit off at times. The endstretch and the mat sections shined the most, of course. Shane is finished as an independent after this week, so it was nice seeing this one more time while we still could. The

Select Match Reviews: Damme!!!

Matches from Bloodsport 2019: 1.Kross vs Davey Boy ***1/2 2.Gresham vs Takeda ***3/4 3.Thatcher vs Hideki ***3/4 4.Suzuki vs Barnett **** Thoughts: Blending mma and pro wrestling in this format might be a niche market, but when it's done this well it's hard to complain. To be fair, I love this style, though. I had four pulls. The Kross and Davey match was pretty good. I find it funny seeing Smith complain after that he is being used poorly in New Japan, though. Step up man. Kross actually looked a bit out of place at times, which surprised me. Gresham and Takeda was great and I'd love a rematch. These are two of my favorite workers, and they showcased why here. The finish was perfect for the type of match. Thatcher and Hideki nearly hit four stars for me in a true battle. Both are vastly underrated performers. The finish was sick, and I really want to see Thatcher get more chances at matches like these in the near future. The main was a true definition of th

NXT TakeOver: New York Review

Matches: 1.NXT Tag Titles: War Raiders(c) vs Black,Ricochet **** 2.NXT North American Title: Dream(c) vs Riddle **** 3.WWE UK Title: Dunne(c) vs WALTER ****1/2 4.NXT Women's Title: Shayna(c) vs Bianca vs Sane vs Io **** 5.NXT Title, 2/3 Falls: Cole vs Gargano ****3/4 Thoughts: This was one of the best overall shows I've ever seen, and a nearly perfect event in general. The tag opener was fantastic, and a nice swan song for Black and Ricochet on their way out of the black and gold brand. I love seeing Rowe and Hanson get the chance to show off on this size of stage, and I can't believe that they'd be sticking around NXT much longer. The North American Championship defense was fantastic, as well. The story here was well told, and the set up for a heel turn was established nicely. Riddle just got too cocky. I'm expecting a rematch soon. Dunne and WALTER killed it in the UK showcase. Pete's incredible run had to end eventually, and at least it was to

Open Letter to Hart's Attacker

I will not state your name nor mention the other shit you've apparently done recently. On behalf of the entire wrestling community, I just want you to know that you are never welcome to another show. Not even near an event. You are scum. Go fuck yourself. I don't wish violence on anyone, but I know I am a rare pacifist and that you just pissed off a lot of people who aren't as nice. Be safe, but do so while fucking yourself. I hope you see this.