Select Match Reviews: Damme!!!

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Matches from Bloodsport 2019:
1.Kross vs Davey Boy ***1/2
2.Gresham vs Takeda ***3/4
3.Thatcher vs Hideki ***3/4
4.Suzuki vs Barnett ****

Blending mma and pro wrestling in this format might be a niche market, but when it's done this well it's hard to complain. To be fair, I love this style, though. I had four pulls.

The Kross and Davey match was pretty good. I find it funny seeing Smith complain after that he is being used poorly in New Japan, though. Step up man. Kross actually looked a bit out of place at times, which surprised me.

Gresham and Takeda was great and I'd love a rematch. These are two of my favorite workers, and they showcased why here. The finish was perfect for the type of match.

Thatcher and Hideki nearly hit four stars for me in a true battle. Both are vastly underrated performers. The finish was sick, and I really want to see Thatcher get more chances at matches like these in the near future.

The main was a true definition of the grapple based style these shows are meant to showcase. If not for a few spots and the draw finish, the rating would be higher, but it's still a strong recommendation.

Really, this was just wildly entertaining violence. I'd love to see this become a more regular thing, maybe even once every two months. Either way, check these out for sure.

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