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1.NXT Tag Titles: War Raiders(c) vs Black,Ricochet ****
2.NXT North American Title: Dream(c) vs Riddle ****
3.WWE UK Title: Dunne(c) vs WALTER ****1/2
4.NXT Women's Title: Shayna(c) vs Bianca vs Sane vs Io ****
5.NXT Title, 2/3 Falls: Cole vs Gargano ****3/4

This was one of the best overall shows I've ever seen, and a nearly perfect event in general.

The tag opener was fantastic, and a nice swan song for Black and Ricochet on their way out of the black and gold brand. I love seeing Rowe and Hanson get the chance to show off on this size of stage, and I can't believe that they'd be sticking around NXT much longer.

The North American Championship defense was fantastic, as well. The story here was well told, and the set up for a heel turn was established nicely. Riddle just got too cocky. I'm expecting a rematch soon.

Dunne and WALTER killed it in the UK showcase. Pete's incredible run had to end eventually, and at least it was to a guy like WALTER. This was just a hard-hitting war, and I loved every minute. WALTER's run should last at least a year, with most of his matches featuring him murdering the opponents. What's next for Dunne, though?

The semi was better than expected, and another four star match. Good story work, great near falls, and pure entertainment. I was surprised to see Shayna retain again, but that's ok. Really, this was just a success and one of the best women's matches of the year.

The main was a true MOTYC. While the circus act near the end may have added a bit to the drama, it also hurt the overall quality a tad. That's literally my only complaint. Amazing crowd, amazing action. This is one to study, folks. A classic, and one of the most important matches in NXT history.

TakeOver: New York was a true must-see show for all wrestling fans.

It's on Hulu right now, which is cheaper than the Network. Go watch this one now!

Overall Rating: 95/100%