Matches from IWRG Guerra del Golfo
1.Ultimo Maldito, Lunatic Xtreme, Eterno vs Arkangel Divino, Dinamic Black, Eragon ***1/2
2.IWRG IC Welterweight Title: Cerebro Negro(c) vs Demonio Infernal ***1/2
3.Cage, Apuesta: Mike vs Metaleon ***

IWRG is one of the best promotions that no one watches. Note that I did skip the two advancement cage matches here. Sadly, lucha libre and cages don't mix well and the idea of watching three was a big turn off.

The opener was pretty fun, and the end-stretch was full of the kinds of spots you'd want from a trios match in Naucalpan.

The title match had an iffy finish, but was still an entertaining slow burn. I just wish it had reached the intensity level that I had expected. Maybe they're saving it for an apuesta.

The main event saw another turtle unmasked. Note that if you watch the whole video that there are two cage matches first. Each features eight luchadores. The last wrestler in the ring at the end of each face off in a 2/3 falls contest. The loser of that match gives up their mask.

Metaleon attacking quickly showed a nice level of desperation and intensity that I don't get to see from him often. There were some fun spots, but it was pretty short and the ending was a bit too abrupt for my taste. Good match overall, at least. Likely even more enjoyable if you have more of an attachment to either guy.

Mike is Hector Eduardo Martinez Sanchez. He's 25 and has been wrestling for six years.

I wish they would have just had the turtles all drop their masks in a major multiman, perhaps against their dark rivals, but IWRG booking is strange.

Consider these if you're bored and seeking something a bit different than what you might normally watch.