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Matches from WrestleCon Supershow
1.Fenix vs Pentagon ***1/2
2.Cavenario vs Dragon Lee ****
3.Strickland vs Sabre Jr ***1/2
4.Ospreay vs Bandido ****

WrestleCon once again was a standout show in the middle of a swarm of wrestling events.

The first pull here saw the Lucha Bros in a pretty good sprint. When it comes to brother versus brother matches, these two always give us something worth watching.

The CMLL showcase was excellent, as expected. The caveman was my top worker of the year for a while and I expect to see him high on the list when the year ends. Both of these guys are elite luchadores, and I hope they won over a lot of new fans with this one. One of the best of the week.

Strickland and Sabre put in for a nice contest up next, though the pacing was a bit off at times. The endstretch and the mat sections shined the most, of course. Shane is finished as an independent after this week, so it was nice seeing this one more time while we still could.

The main event was fantastic, living up nicely to expectations. Excellent junior style clash, with both looking like stars. I hope Bandido is in the Best of the Super Juniors. A rematch in New Japan could be a MOTYC.

The WrestleCon Supershow produced four recommendable matches, with the main event being one of the best contests of the week. Go ahead and give these a look when you can.