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Select Match Reviews: XXX Equity (IMPACT)

Matches from IMPACT Hardcore Justice: 1.Alexander, Petey vs Ace, Fulton vs Bahh, TJP *** 2.Knockouts Title/Career, Hardcore: Purrazzo(c) vs Jazz ** 3.Hardcore War: Team Dreamer vs Violent By Design  Thoughts: My first thoughts, as the teams for the opener came out, is that IMPACT needs to revive Team Canada officially and ASAP. It was chaotic cluster style action but things were kept moving nicely and the entire thing was good. While it never broke into recommendation territory, not everything needs to. More of Alexander and Petey together, for sure. The Jazz retirement match was decent. I mean, I didn't have unreasonable expectations and it was more enjoyable as a result. A fine sendoff to a legend of the US women's wrestling scene and I'll forever appreciate her contributions to the business. Hardcore Justice's main event saw Team Dreamer and Violent By Design in a Hardcore War match. Dreamer was shown attacked, down, and injured in a pre-match, backstage angle aired

Select Match Reviews: Euphoria, Delusions, and Overactivity + Wrestling Part Two (WWE)

Matches: 1.Owens vs Zayn *** 2.Raw Women's Title: Asuka(c) vs Rhea ***1/4 3.WWE Universal Title: Reigns(c) vs Bryan vs Edge ****1/4 Thoughts: The National Anthem of night one was preferable in my opinion. I also saw clips of the Fiend/Orton match which was interesting if nothing else. While Bray's workrate tends to be on the weaker end, not that he's not capable of solid outings, his stuff tends to focus more on horror plotlines which sadly have been hit or miss. The visual of Bliss at the end was badass at least. The first pull saw Owens put down Sami with a stunner. They obviously have a long history of excellent matches together but sadly this wasn't one that hits that mark. Good for what it was and they largely utilized their time well, but it was still too short and felt far too much like a random televised contest than a WrestleMania one. The second pull was also disappointing and just felt off. Asuka is one of the best women's wrestlers ever and Rhea can be p

Select Match Reviews: Euphoria, Delusions, and Overactivity + Wrestling Part One (WWE)

Matches from WrestleMania 37 Night One 1.WWE Title: Lashley(c) vs McIntyre ***3/4 2.Cesaro vs Rollins ***1/2 3.SD Women's Title: Banks(c) vs Belair **** Thoughts: The national anthem was enjoyable enough. The first thing I saw on the show after that was Lashley and Drew for the WWE Championship. I had moderate expectations but they honestly overdelivered and felt more like something from Impact ~2017, in a good way. Not only was it a great, physical match but I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. VKM can be very sporadic but keeping the belt on Lashley right now was really the best move. I'm unhappy with the split of Hurt Business and his new alignment with King Potato, but the dude is more motivated than ever and putting on nice displays. Drew's reign as champ was enjoyable but I'm wanting more of Lashley as top dog and it's luckily just getting started. Next, Cesaro and Seth in a "get them on the card somehow" match. Thanks to this being a Mania mat

SNSM Moves to Monday Nights

I'm moving #SNSM to Monday nights, starting this upcoming week. I'm also changing the format a bit, cutting some of the fat down. Keep an eye out and tune in every Monday at 6:05 EST.

WCW Nitro #9 Review

Matches: 1.Guerrero vs Pittman ** 2.Shark vs Norton NR 3.Disco vs Sabu NR 4.Meng, Luger vs American Males *1/2 Thoughts: The opener this week was decent I suppose but felt like a waste of Guerrero's talents. Oh well, at least he won. They then moved to showing clips of Shark and Norton's feud. I have very little interest in that but my kids like Shark so they're excited, at least. Their match was okay but ended in double countout as they brawled around. It was under three minutes, at least. We run down what happened with Sting next before Flair, Pillman, and Anderson walk out to chat with Tony in the ring. They put themselves over and promise a new member soon. Good shit and I agree that it's arguably the best thing going on with the program at the moment. Next, they tease something with The Brain and Sonny Onno.  The third match saw Sabu and Disco Inferno. Sabu got the most in, but it was sub-three and not enough meat to be anything at all, really. Sabu once again atta

WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 Review

Matches: 1.WCW TV Title: DDP(c) vs Badd **3/4 2.Savage vs Zodiac NR 3.Hawk vs Kurasawa *1/4 4.Sabu vs Mr. JL *1/2 5.Luger vs Meng **1/4 6.Anderson, Pillman vs Flair, Sting ***1/2 7.Monster Truck Sumo Match NR 8.Savage vs Luger *1/4 9.WCW World Title, Title Can Change Hands Via DQ: Hogan(c) vs The Giant * Thoughts: This is one of the most infamous PPV's of all time and considered an all time worst with only a handful topping it. The thing is WCW at the time was a combination of things and cheese was a big part. With this show, they leaned heavy into that shit. The show starts with an update that Flair was reportedly attacked by Pillman and Anderson before and then we moved on to the opener which saw Badd beating DDP for the Television Championship in a solid match. This rivalry eventually led to Badd leaving WCW, by the way. Savage and Zodiac followed with a hokey, but thankfully short, one on one. The only interesting thing I saw here was a fan trying to get involved. Badd, backsta