From Ring of Honor TV

1.Bandido, Dragon Lee, VLNCE UNLTD vs Briscoes, EC3, Gordon, Woods ***1/4

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2.Callihan, Sabin vs Moose, Ace ***

3.No DQ: Kaleb vs Something NR

4.Gallows vs Doering ***1/2


This week's edition of ROH featured a champions vs all-stars themed main event which was fairly good stuff. The action was strong enough for a tv main event and it worked pretty well to utilize some angles that are ongoing while dropping some seeds for future ones. Not recommendation levels on quality alone, but still likely worth seeing for fans of the modern Ring of Honor product or those curious to see what's going on with the old red and black these days.

The tag match from IMPACT! was good overall, especially the end-stretch. Sabin stole the win from Sami and ate a piledriver after for his efforts.

Christian, walking in with gold, announced the TNA strap would be put back in a grave. Sadly. Oh well. He cut a solid, crowd-pleasing promo and while I still have some question marks on why the title change was a good idea, I am excited to see Christian's reign, too. I'm an old TNA fan, afterall.

Jake Something beat Kaleb With A K in about two minutes. Nothing much to say. He's rising nicely enough. Alexander came out for a staredown post.

The IMPACT main event was a hossfight that honestly surpassed expectations. It was honestly one of the best Doc matches in his career, and Doering was more motivated than his usual (of late) self, too. The stage spot was fun and the finish was well done. Props. 

This week had some real fun, with a lot of decent action and moments, especially the huge return of CM Punk. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for next week.

TV MATCH OF THE WEEK: Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express (4 stars)

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