AEW Dark: Elevation #23 Review

1.2.0 vs Davis, Ganon NR
2.Diamante vs Hart **
3.Janela vs 5 ***
4.Shida vs Hogan **1/4
5.Archer vs Reggie NR
6.Thunder vs Lyn **
7.PAC vs Bowens ***
8.Cage vs Keys NR
9.Guevara vs Serpentico ***
10.Jade vs Arquette NR
11.TH2 vs Lucha Bros ***1/2


This week's Elevation was a good one that went down fast and smooth. 2.0, Archer, Cage, and Jade all got some squashes to pad their records. We also had some storyline movement from Diamante/Big Swole, Bowens looked good in his solo match against PAC, Kiera Hogan got a nice trial match against the division gatekeeper, and there were several enjoyable matches in general. The main event specifically was worth going out of your way to see, especially if you're a fan of either team's work.

In all, Elevation this week provided for 80 minutes of entertainment and worked pretty well for what it is. Consider giving it a click if you've never watched the series before, especially as a possible booster for the week of punk. 

Overall Rating: 70/100%

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