1.Jurassic Express vs Private Party ***1/2

2.Jade Cargill vs Kiera Hogan NR

3.Daniel Garcia vs Jon Moxley ***


The show kicked off with Cult of Personality ringing out across the arena and the moment became reality. All of the negative dipshits on Twitter that had been denying those reporting the news for months we instantly proven to be just that and all of the bullshit that the Cult of McMahon spewed all week and all day no longer mattered. CM Punk was back and it was as amazing a moment as the fans that had been waiting for his return had thought it would be. He was back and we all soaked it up.

The chants, the emotion, the promo.

That damn promo.

Sincerely, I consider that one of the best promos ever because of not just the moment itself but also because of the rawness of it. That type of mic work is exactly why people have been waiting for Punk's return.

The video is imbedded above so go ahead and watch it again like you know you want to.

That buzz created an amazing tone for the rest of the show.

Private Party and Jurassic Express was a very good tag team match and I'm admittedly surprised at the outcome, but it's a decent nod nonetheless. Jungle Boy continues to be a star.

Jade squashed Hogan. I am still not sure why they are so behind her, but they are and we all clearly need to accept it. I just wish the match hadn't been scheduled at all because Kiera looked like a jobber more than she has in her Dark matches and she's far better than that. If they insisted of using Jade in another big spotlight spot, for whatever reason, than just book her on Dark. She still gets seen by that crowd. She didn't need to be seen by that many folks at home if it meant less time for the main. I'm just not big on her so it is what it is.

The main event was good, though short, and another good showcase for Garcia. Chaos followed with a big brawl moment and I admittedly still feel something big is planned for the trio of 2point0 and DG, maybe with Danielson or something. I could be very wrong and am intrigued and excited nonetheless as 2point0 and Garcia are awesome.

This was an hour that was almost over packed. The Punk moment is one of the biggest moments in wrestling history and everything else worked well enough for what it was. From my understanding, there was something else planned that just didn't have time to be included. It doesn't matter. Rampage: The First Dance was must-see for anyone that hasn't written off AEW simply because they're too far up Vince's asshole. 

Overall Rating: 90/100%