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EXPLRR Announcement

EXPLRR is set to be a series of connected sessions where the player characters have monster of the week style one shots utilizing the EXPLRR device to jump to different worlds and universes including that of the PJ Masks, Power Rangers, DC, and more. It's kind of like Sliders in a way. I will be playing this with my family and will log the happenings here in the blog much like I've been doing with the other ongoing games. For now, I'll have the Open the Dungeon Gate posts and EXPLRR posts kept separately but might merge them at some point in the future.

Select Match Reviews: Some In (AEW)

Matches: 1.Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express ***3/4 2.AEW Women's Title: Shida(c) vs Thunder ***1/2 3.AEW Tag Titles: The Elite(Omega,Page) (c) vs FTR **** 4.Mimosa Mayhem: Orange vs Jericho *** 5.AEW World Title: Moxley vs MJF ***1/4 Thoughts: I was putting together the September pull list and realized I had enough from this show to go ahead and make it a Select Match Reviews post. Before we get to the matches I did watch/review, let me just say that I know this show featured a few misses alongside the hits including the Baker cinematic affair, Sydal's botched debut for AEW, and the absolute clusterfuck that was Matt versus Sammy. That last match in particular is something I've talked about here  before, but I think it's worth reminding readers that AEW deserves a lot of shit for the way it played out and I sincerely hope they learned their lesson but I do know that they had another safety screw up recently, too. On the flip side, they've hired additional medical per

We are STARDOM!! #37 Review

Matches: 1.Mayu vs Starlight Kid *** 2.Momo vs AZM ***3/4 3.Giulia vs Himeka ***1/2 Thoughts: At risk of sounding like I am gushing over each episode every time I write up a review, but this is once again another example of excellent television. I can be a hard ass and heavily opinionated, but I know what I like and this show is certainly my cup of pro wrestling flavored tea. We start in action for the first match of the evening, with a dramatic plancha from Starlight before a nice bit of back and forth. It truly shows how far Starlight has come to get booked rather evenly with Mayu here, but there was never a true doubt who'd pull out the victory here for me. The finish, a modified dragon sleeper, was awesome but note that I can't recommend this as a standalone match due to how clipped down it was, taking a 13 minute competition down to just over 3. Still, it was a nice start to #37 at least and what we saw was good. Next, from the other block, AZM and Momo faced off in a Quee

Thoughts on AEW's Upcoming Video Game

AEW has finally, officially announced something they've teased essentially since they debuted in the form of not one, but three video games! Now, one of those is a gambling app and another is a general manager style app, but the big reveal was an upcoming console game by Yuke's! Yuke's, of course, has a long history of developing pro wrestling video games with the most recent set of releases being the WWE 2k series from 2k14 through 2k19. Speaking of those 2k games, the teaser truly looks like we should expect something in that style. Of course, the visuals are far from great looking in the video, but they're early in the process still and, it should be noted, that 2k20 by Visual Concepts was a train wreck in that department so they're already ahead of the curve. Perhaps the biggest thing I noticed in the short clip was that they are teasing intergender matches! We saw Omega giving Jericho the one winged angle and then closed with Shida taking it to Kenny. That'

On the Future of RW+B

Hello, I wanted to take a moment to notify you, the frequent visitors to this humble little blog, that I have made the move to monetize Red's Wrestling+ Blog and, as a result, wanted to give a heads up that there will be some changes. Largely, this just means that ads will appear on the page but I will tweak the format a tad over the next month or so in an effort to find a style that I think best fits the move forward. Here's a look at what ongoing features you should expect to continue/debut: -Wrestling reviews including new and classic content -Weekly installments of Red's RBI (select sports coverage) -Movie, Music, Comic, and Beer reviews -Red Rose Report (politics) -Open the Dungeon Gate (ttrpg stories), short stories, poetry, etc -The return of Late Night Snack, a weekly film of the week style blog entry -The TRUE Championship posts -The debut of Saturday Night Slam Masters, a weekly YT playlist series focusing on US wrestling highlights -Much More! I appreciate those

We are STARDOM!! #36 Review

Matches: 1.Jungle vs Utami ***3/4 2.Mayu vs Giulia ***3/4 Thoughts: This installment kicks off coverage of the 5STAR GP. The opening minutes featured clips of the finishes of some matches before we moved on to the two (mostly) complete contests of the night. Up first, Jungle was put away by Utami once again as their little ongoing spat continues. I enjoyed the layout, the work rate was worth praise, and the finish was well done. Truly, a great way to start the episode. The main event saw the Wonder and World champs go one on one with Giulia taking the win after dropping Iwatani with two finishers. Not only was this great, it was a perfect main event to start the tournament. Add in the story of every member of Donna del Mondo coming out victorious on the night and you have something truly noteworthy. Once again, We are STARDOM!! was a must-see experience and the series has officially become my favorite wrestling program. I am looking forward to being caught up on everything so that I ca

Review Roundup of Missed Content #12: August Pt.3

Matches: 1.McIntyre vs Orton (08/23) ***1/2 2.Iron Man: Grace vs Purrazzo (08/25) ***1/2 3.Suzuki vs SHINGO (08/29) **** 4.Hiromu vs Ishimori (08/29) **** 5.Golden Ace vs Dangerous Tekkers (08/29) **** 6.EVIL vs Naito (08/29) *** 7.Infierno Death: Odaiba Squad vs Fly Star, Los Macizos (08/29) ***1/2 8.Elimination: Arez vs Latigo vs Energia vs Iron Kid (08/29) ***3/4 Thoughts: Starting this one, we have McIntyre and Orton in a pretty good contest. They work well together for sure and deserve credit for making this rivalry that has admittedly ran too long largely work. Next, IMPACT's leading ladies faced off in a 30-minute Iron Man match and damn they did a great job with the gimmick. Fix the last few minutes and I'd likely have given this least four stars or damn near close. Sadly, I lack a time machine as well as an in with IMPACT bookers. Still, it was worth checking out and a very good match. Next, a chunk of New Japan. First, Suzuki and SHINGO in a fantastic battle that like

Red's RBI #5 (11/01-11/07)

BASEBALL In offseason MLB news, the Mets had a huge day on Friday. The sell to Steve Cohen was finalized, Van Wagenen, Minaya, and others are splitting, and the front office in general is  changing  drastically. Don't expect a manager change from Rojas, though.  Yankee's DJ  won a Silver Slugger and don't forget that the November 11th deadline looms! BASKETBALL Dinamo Sassari won their Champions League and LBA games this week, rebounding from last week's hiccup and taking the W's by at least 20. Statement victories are a must right now and they're certainly making them more often than not thus far. Sadly, on Saturday, they lost to Trento by 14, though. 2-1 on the week. The NBA Players Association has approved the layout for the next season which will feature 72 games and will begin days before Christmas on the 22nd of December. Health protocols are still being confirmed and agreed upon. FOOTBALL The Jets lost again, getting us closer and closer to ending 0-16.

Review Roundup of Missed Content #11: August Pt.2

Matches: 1.Asuka vs Bayley (08/03) ***1/2 2.CHAOS vs CHAOS (08/09) ***3/4 3.Kenou vs Go (08/10) ****1/2 4.The Elite vs Dark Order (08/13) ***1/2 5.T-Hawk vs Endo (08/23) **** Thoughts: For the second round of August coverage, I start with a match from Raw of all things, with Asuka and Bayley facing off. It's sad, but WWE arguably has the best roster in wrestling. They certainly have the best female roster overall across all of the brands if nothing else. While it's hard to see that at times, these are two of the best workers from that pool and I am glad they were able to once again showcase their abilities. In all, I found this to be a pretty good match and I appreciated the pacing. Next, a battle between CHAOS mates. SHO is a guy that has a bright future ahead and I am eagerly awaiting his move to the big picture in a few years. I also am super excited at the idea of seeing him in a singles match for perhaps the NEVER Openweight strap against Ishii. That'd be an epic conte