1.Mayu vs Starlight Kid ***

2.Momo vs AZM ***3/4

3.Giulia vs Himeka ***1/2


At risk of sounding like I am gushing over each episode every time I write up a review, but this is once again another example of excellent television. I can be a hard ass and heavily opinionated, but I know what I like and this show is certainly my cup of pro wrestling flavored tea.

We start in action for the first match of the evening, with a dramatic plancha from Starlight before a nice bit of back and forth. It truly shows how far Starlight has come to get booked rather evenly with Mayu here, but there was never a true doubt who'd pull out the victory here for me. The finish, a modified dragon sleeper, was awesome but note that I can't recommend this as a standalone match due to how clipped down it was, taking a 13 minute competition down to just over 3. Still, it was a nice start to #37 at least and what we saw was good.

Next, from the other block, AZM and Momo faced off in a Queen's Quest showcase with some nifty slowmo replay moments. The 17 year old continues to look like a future face of the company and Momo continues to work better than she has any right to at 20. Either way, this was truly great and the drama down the stretch put it over the top for sure and this is easily recommended.

Some match clips from other tournament outings followed and then we had our main event, which was teased on episode 36.

The in-fighting booked nature of this episode, with all three aired contests featuring talents against fellow unit-mates, closed things here with Donna del Mondo's leader, Giulia, against Himeka. The outcome was truly a surprise for me and I have to applaud the intensity of Himeka here as she took down the faction head clean, giving her the first singles match L in STARDOM to date. Very good stuff and a unique way to close the action side of things.

A look at the STARDOM Visual Book Bikiniing9 was shown at the end for those that care for such things.

Overall Rating: 80/100%