Thoughts on AEW's Upcoming Video Game

AEW has finally, officially announced something they've teased essentially since they debuted in the form of not one, but three video games! Now, one of those is a gambling app and another is a general manager style app, but the big reveal was an upcoming console game by Yuke's!

Yuke's, of course, has a long history of developing pro wrestling video games with the most recent set of releases being the WWE 2k series from 2k14 through 2k19. Speaking of those 2k games, the teaser truly looks like we should expect something in that style. Of course, the visuals are far from great looking in the video, but they're early in the process still and, it should be noted, that 2k20 by Visual Concepts was a train wreck in that department so they're already ahead of the curve.

Perhaps the biggest thing I noticed in the short clip was that they are teasing intergender matches! We saw Omega giving Jericho the one winged angle and then closed with Shida taking it to Kenny. That's a pretty nice bit of "news" and I hope it is a feature that remains in the game. I also hope they start pushing for more intergender stuff on TV too but one thing at a time.

Honestly, past that I'd like to just note a few things I am hoping to see featured in the game:

-Something like Universe Mode is a MUST and a GM mode blended in wouldn't hurt. Making it possible to create your own stories that are more than super generic would be a nice option, too.

-Every roster member from AEW and, hopefully, a few guests from partner feds. Sting, DDP, and Hart will be included in the game on the legends side for sure since they are involved in the company. Yes, Sting is in AEW. No, I am not crazy or wrong. Fuck, even include a Jags player and a random cheerleader as hidden characters would be possible.

-An avoidance of yearly releases, instead opting for something closer to Fire Pro with semi-regular DLC packs. Perhaps a second game 2-3 years down the line, but nothing yearly.

-A long story mode WORTH playing.

-Commentary that doesn't suck. Luckily, they have Excalibur so let the dude do what he does!!!

-Creative arena options, including a ring located on a beach and the ability to use your imagination more when making your own.

-Expanded CAW slots, because 100 isn't enough.

-Ensure online modes are enjoyable for those fans that play online, which is a constant issue for some older wrestling titles.

Either way, All Elite Wrestling do deserve some props for picking up Yuke's and getting the game in development quickly. If they truly want to continue to build upwards and eventually challenge WWE in the states they need a game as one of the many building blocks along the way. But, it should be noted that it needs to be a home run. If a majority of the above wish list becomes reality and the basic, core game is without too many flaws this could be the best wrestling game outside of Fire Pro World that we've gotten in a long time.

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