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Open the Dungeon Gate #2: Through the Elder Forest

System Used: DnD 5e Players: A playing as Ski Ski and Nemeia stand at the edge of the small Elder Forest, their destination awaiting on the other side. Any other route would add hours, if not days, to reach their destination. Due to the nature of the wild, the King had ordered extra protection for the Princess in the form of Ea; Nemeia's older sister. As they stepped past the threshold and into the trees, the first thing they all noticed was the general silence. The three, growing up in Garell, had many experiences near and in this forest but never had they heard it so quiet before. "Keep your eye open sister, and Ski remain behind us!", demanded Ea. As they pushed further, Ski began to notice faint whispering but couldn't make out the source. She informed the others, with just heightened their guard and general tension. Still, they saw nothing. No movement. No signs of life. The anxiety lessened as they continued, perhaps to a degree that lowered their guard. Ski had

WWE Main Event 10/15 Review

Matches: 1.Titus vs Gulak *3/4 2.Akira vs Humberto **1/2 Thoughts: This one started with a pretty generic match between Titus and Drew and, if I am being honest, I didn't realize Titus was even working in-ring these days. I was under the presumption that he was some backstage ambassador and a manager these days. Drew worked down to his level here. Skip. Next, we got a look at the Fiend and Bliss in the form of a well done interview between Alexa and KO and then an ok looking match between the Fiend and Owens. I expect that to be a one off as it was shown that Kevin has been drafted to SD and the others to Raw. We also saw The New Day being split, with E being removed from the group. I have to say that it's a sincerely shit move. We continue looking at Randy and Drew's ongoing angle. Of course, it involved a brawl. We've seen it 100000 times before but it was okay for what it was and these two are great workers at least. The main event of this week's Main Event was a

Select Match Reviews: National Lampoon's Summer Vacation (DDT)

Matches from DDT Summer Vacation 07/23/20: 1.DAMNATION vs Brookes, Parker *** 2.KO-D Six-man Titles: Eruption(c) vs Riho, HARASHIMA, Honda ***1/4 3.ALL OUT vs Junretsu ***3/4 4.KO-D Openweight Title: Endo(c) vs Ueno ***3/4 Thoughts: The first pull of the show was two on two tag team action featuring gaijins, Brookes and Parker, against Daisuke and Nobuhiro and for a throwaway it was fun and spirited. It also added to the Universal Title drama between the better two participants. Due to the manner in which I watched this show, making this the opener for me, I'd say it was a good one that kicked things off nicely but I wouldn't recommend running to see it as a standalone. Post-match, Parker challenged his buddy to a shot at Brookes' strap. Up next, Riho teamed up alongside HARASHIMA and Honda in an attempt to take down the ever growing threat that is Eruption in what was the first championship contest that I selected from the evening. Honda added some typical comedy moments b

The Multiverse of Matt Hardy #1 Thoughts

  Matt Hardy is one of the most creative and unique workers in the game and has just launched a new ongoing YouTube series. The debut installment starts with the elder Hardy introducing us a bit to who he is and his family. His two kiddos are in the House Hardy Dojo paying their dues. Reminds me of my kids wrestling with me. They're spot monkeys, too. After some promo work from the kids, Matt channeled his inner 80's and made his offspring crap their pants. Matt begged for pity while whining about how hard it is to be him before leaving for a local television commercial shoot. Upon return, he ran into Broken Matt rubbing Vanguard like Doctor Evil rubs his cat. He is complete. In all, I enjoyed this sub-6 video but it felt like it wasn't fully sure what it was supposed to be content-wise. I have no doubt in Matt though and presume it will be well worth watching as new episodes are released.  Check it out above.

Review Roundup of Missed Content #9: July Pt. 2

Matches: 1.Elimination: Edwards vs EY vs Ace vs Swann vs Trey (07/18) ***1/2 2.Asuka vs Banks (07/20) *** 3.McIntyre vs Dolph (07/20) ***1/2 4.No DQ: Kingston vs Cody (07/22) ***3/4 5.Falls Count Anywhere: Young Bucks vs Butcher & Blade (07/22) ***3/4 6.EVIL vs Hiromu (07/25) ***3/4 7.Shuji vs Suwama (07/25) ***1/2 8.The Elite, FTR vs Dark Order, Colt (07/30) ***3/4 9.Moxley vs Darby (07/30) ***3/4 10.Suzuki vs Nagata (07/31) ****1/4 Thoughts: Our first match actually comes one day earlier than the last match of the first part of this collection by error. Oh well, not a big deal. With the aftermath of the Speaking Out Movement, which I still think needs to come around for round two, IMPACT set up a five-man elimination battle for their top prize. The inclusion of some of these guys in the match is a tad surprising but I barely follow this show these days so maybe it makes more sense to regular viewers. Why does EY look as if he's aged a lot since leaving WWE? The dynamic here w

Red's RBI #1 (10/04-10/10)

Welcome to the debut installment of Red's RBI. A reminder that this series is intended to be a regular summary of content that I've enjoyed throughout the week. That largely means the content will focus on the teams I support, which was detailed in RBI #0. I hope you enjoy and would love feedback! BASKETBALL The NBA Finals, featuring the Lakers and the Heat, saw LA go into Sunday with a 3-2 lead in the series. I checked in, watching highlights throughout. As I Nets fan that dislikes both of these teams I sincerely didn't give a fuck who won, but I'd like to give a congrats to them both nonetheless for making the finals. Just know that next year the Nets are going to be a team to watch! Over in Europe, Sassari hoped to start their LBA season undefeated against Trieste and earn their 4th point in LBA competition, but their opposition shocked Sardinia's finest 74-72. It was a close game down the stretch, and a missed three shot from Dinamo and a failed attempt to pop i