US Wrestling TV Roundup: August 8th-14th (ROH, AEW, IMPACT)


From Ring of Honor

1.McKay vs Leon **1/4

2.MexiSquad vs VLNCE UNLTD ***3/4

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From IMPACT! Wrestling

3.Alexander vs Daivari **3/4

4.FinJuice vs Bullet Club ***

5.Contendership Battle Royal **

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Welcome to another edition. We have two from Ring of Honor to kick us off. Note that, until MLW returns and since I am reviewing the AEW shows in full, this week's roundup is going to be rather small.

McKay's tournament run has been an interesting storyline and it was the right move to keep it rolling. They're slowly working on making her into a star in my opinion and she's very likeable so it comes off well. She's not a workrate machine, of course, but that's not the point. Decent match. Their women's division is getting better and you can tell it's turning into something.

A tag team match that saw Rey Horus and Bandido beat Dickinson and Brody main evented the episode. Great stuff with a strong pace and action laid out in a way that made everyone look good. LFI attacked after, tearing off masks and coming off as huge dicks once again. I'm waiting to see if we get the next forbidden door moment soon or if LFI are on their way out. Either way, the Andrade angle right now in AEW clearly is a set up for the addition.

Over on IMPACT, the 888th edition, Alexander beat Daivari. It was basic but decent nonetheless. Josh has been one of the most consistent workers in the states this year. Jake Something stared down the champ most of the match and after.

Kiera was kidnapped as a write off, by the way.

Later, FinJuice won, via DQ, against Bullet Club's White and Bey when Jay utilized a chair. It was a good match and a strong building block to tease the weekend's New Japan show. I really like Bey being in the Bullet Club but wish he was being booked a bit stronger.

I don't care much for battle royals and this one didn't do much to change that. It was okay. The outcome is a big surprise for me and not necessarily in a good way, though. 

Check out anything that catches your eye and thanks for reading.

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