We are STARDOM!! #84 Review

  1. Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Donna del Mondo(c) vs STARS ***3/4
  2. Wonder of STARDOM Title: Nakano(c) vs Kamitani ****


We have two matches this week, and both promise to be excellent championship contests. For the record, good intentions don't always bare fruit. I planned on watching this live, but my son is a bit sick today.

The DdM entrance was enjoyable and the Goddesses match was great. Koguma didn't feel as out of place as I expected and looks like she made the right choice to return right now. She stepped up nicely. Of course, Giulia and Mayu were the stars, though. This was a very strong way to start the episode and it felt like a big win for the retaining champions.

It was followed by an even bigger, better match. Tam Nakano successfully defended the Wonder strap against Kamitani in a fantastic strike heavy battle with some nice nearfalls. The Star Crusher spot had me thinking we were getting a title dream, but the spirit of Tam and her Twilight Dream worked perfectly to sell the endstretch.

We are STARDOM!! is a series that I have raved frequently about here and once again we have a noteworthy installment. Two highly enjoyable championship contests make this a legit must-see edition and one of the best episodes of wrestling this year. Go ahead and make some time when you can for episode 84 of what I consider to be the best weekly wrestling program around.

Overall Rating: 90/100%

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