1.Velvet vs Michelle NR

2.Dean vs Avalon NR

3.Shida vs Price NR

4.Cage vs RSP NR

5.Jade vs Nova NR

6.Jurassic Express vs Bravo, Cyrus NR

7.Lucha Bros vs Sydal Bros ***1/4


I like The Giant and consider the dude to be a very genuine dude. I also admittedly preferred him being absent here, as TS and Eddie worked well together. They are still far below the bar set by Excalibur and Taz. This episode of Elevation was six squashes and then a good tag team match between the Sydals and Death Triangle. Oh, and Joey Janela turned on Kiss. In all, it went down quick and smooth and worked well for a short watch experience. Still, it's just as skippable as it is anything else.

Overall Rating: 65/100%