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AEW Fight for the Fallen Review

Matches: 1.TNT Title: Cody(c) vs Kiss *** 2.Lucha Bros vs FTR ***1/2 3.The Elite vs Jurassic Express **** 4.Nightmare Sisters vs Jenkins, Kenzie NR 5.AEW World Title: Mox(c) vs Cage *** Thoughts: I continue to work through July. B/R had the episode so lets take a look. It was nice seeing Kiss get a title shot. Cody's reign has had issue for me but I appreciate it for what it is. They worked a solid tv title match and both came out looking good as a result. Oh, and the extended intro that Sonny had was glorious and I loved the way they both embraced post. JR was a chore and continues to misgender Sonny. I really fucking miss Lucha Underground by the way. Speaking of, the Lucha Bros worked a pretty good two spot against FTR. It felt a bit off at times and the finish was just a builder, but it was still pretty fun stuff. Post, they had another moment between FTR and Omega. Jericho's promo was okay and the Orange stuff with orange juice falling on the Inner Circle was childish ente

WWE Main Event 09/17 Review

Matches: 1.Belair vs Kay *1/2 2.Mustafa vs Humberto *** Thoughts: My daughter wanted to see what happened next with Sasha. I realized we could watch Main Event and that it was a decent choice for two big reasons. First, it's a short show. Second, the format should work well for her. WWE truly is targeted towards kids and this should make for the easiest way to slog through. I also figured this opens up the idea of letting me add her thoughts a bit to things here, which is kind of fun. The first match was short but below average. My daughter liked it okay but only because it had girls in it. That's all there is to say about it and it doesn't deserve more time than that. We head to a clip from Smackdown looking at the Uso/Reigns drama. It's a decent angle and I think Paul and Roman make a good pair. We move to Raw for the Mysterio family issues with Seth. They did a solid job clipping it. I told people that one of the biggest reasons that Rey returned was because he was p

RWB TRUE World Open Championship Invitational Tournament First Round Matches

Using a bracket randomizer site, I am now ready to announce the opening round matches for the big tournament. Results will be up ASAP. 1.Arisa vs Bandido 2.McIntyre vs Go 3.Kenou vs Suzuki 4.Brodie vs Io 5.Ishida vs Hammerstone 6.Lashley vs Chihiro 7.RSP vs Yuka 8.Suwama vs Balor 9.Caristico vs Niebla Roja 10.Raju vs Ito 11.Volador vs Yoshitatsu 12.Eita vs Aldis 13.Omega vs Ishimori 14.Cuatrero vs Jeff 15.Devlin vs Rush 16.KLR vs Ultimo Guerrero 17.Kimber vs Mox 18.Robinson vs Fatu 19.Escobar vs Shida 20.Canis Lupus vs Brookes 21.Gunns vs Reigns 22.Dragon Lee vs Endo 23.Daga vs Gacy 24.Thunder vs Mayu 25.Reed vs Jinny 26.Bayley vs Taya 27.Ospreay vs Laredo Kid 28.Daichi vs Giulia 29.Suzu vs Purrazzo 30.Cara Noir vs Emperador Azteca 31.Asuka vs Naito 32.EY vs WALTER

Open the Dungeon Gate #1: Trials of Ski (Xarv'inX)

System Used: DnD 5e Players: A playing as Ski Ski was woken suddenly by the sounds of Professor Elias' discontent to realize she had fallen asleep during their daily lecture. The rays from the sun coming in from the large window nearest upon her skin coupled with the monotonous nature of the lesson made for a perfect storm. "Ski, do you remember what tomorrow is?", he asked sternly. "Of course, it's the Aidespir Festival!" He cocked an eyebrow in amusement before finishing going on about the history of Aidespir, a neighboring kingdom. The Festival was their biggest annual celebration and it was tradition for a high ranking official of the Mern kingdoms to attend. As the Princess of Garell, she has been chosen this year to be that representative by her father, the King. The Land of Mern is made up of four different kingdoms, the largest being Cyr. Garell, Aidespir, and Remark being the other three much smaller territories. Being that Cyr was facing high level