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RWB TRUE World Tag Team Open Championship Invitational League Announcement

Like the singles championship, I also am running a tag tournament featuring 16 of the top tag champs from around the world. Coverage for this will begin soon as well. 

Here's the lineup:

-AAA: Lucha Bros


-AJPW: Violent Giants

-CMLL: Caristico, Mistico

-DDT: Nautilus

-Dragon Gate: Lee, Kota


-MLW: Von Erichs

-NJPW: Dangerous Tekkers, Suzuki-gun Juniors

-NOAH: Ogawa, Hayata

-PWG: Rascalz

-ROH: Lee, Gresham

-Sendai: Hiroyo, DASH

-STARDOM: Utami, Saya

-WWE: Cesaro & Naka