Open the Dungeon Gate #1: Trials of Ski (Xarv'inX)

System Used: DnD 5e

Players: A playing as Ski

Ski was woken suddenly by the sounds of Professor Elias' discontent to realize she had fallen asleep during their daily lecture. The rays from the sun coming in from the large window nearest upon her skin coupled with the monotonous nature of the lesson made for a perfect storm.

"Ski, do you remember what tomorrow is?", he asked sternly.

"Of course, it's the Aidespir Festival!"

He cocked an eyebrow in amusement before finishing going on about the history of Aidespir, a neighboring kingdom. The Festival was their biggest annual celebration and it was tradition for a high ranking official of the Mern kingdoms to attend. As the Princess of Garell, she has been chosen this year to be that representative by her father, the King.

The Land of Mern is made up of four different kingdoms, the largest being Cyr. Garell, Aidespir, and Remark being the other three much smaller territories. Being that Cyr was facing high levels of tension and rumors were building of a potential civil war, the Festival was likely going to be an event of great importance.

Ski wore the colors of her land proudly, a deep purple cloak highlighting her blue tented skin and contrasting her green emerald amulet that hung from around her neck, and was sure she could make her father and Garell proud. 

Upon completion of her one on one studies, Professor Elias guided her toward to barracks where the Raven Storm captain, Mel, awaited.

As she entered the large, stonework tower, she immediately noticed the large, stocky dwarven woman.

"Ah, Ski", she said in her low, deep gruffly voice with the words seeming to echo past her long brunette beard, "I have arranged a special training exercise for you."

She pointed ahead to a door on the west side that was marked with Dwarf letters, spelling out "Trials Room".

Ski was nervous, largely because Mel was a well known hardass that was known for setting trials for newcomers to Raven Storm so difficult that death was not that uncommon. Luckily, as she stared at the door in shaky anticipation, she noticed her best friend standing aside, longsword in hand.

Nemeia, a pink skinned Tiefling, had been her closest ally for as long as she remembered and had saved her life more times that Ski could count.

"You ready to fuck shit up, S?", she said crassly. 

In an instant, Ski's entire mood changed. She felt far more prepared now and felt herself taking effortless steps towards the entryway.

She opened the door.

Once on the other side, the door behind Ski and Nemeia disappeared. The room was pitch black for a moment and then torches along the grey stone walls lit up to reveal a large, square room with wooden tiled floors. Each tile featured a symbol but sadly Ski didn't recognize the origin of them. In the corner of the room opposite of them, a spinning purple stone levitated about chest height.

Nemeia quickly warned Ski, "I have a feeling that each step we make might trigger something. We must be tactful."

After a few moments of discussion, the two take their first steps, choosing a square tile immediate in front of them. As their feet set down, the rune lights up red and a small kobold appears ahead.

Without hesitation, it raises it's bow and fires a shot that whizzes right past Nemeia's left ear. Ski pulls her lightweight crossbow from behind her back and fires a shot of her own back, piercing the kobold's right eye and killing it instantly. As it drops, the rune at their feet dissolves away as does the kobold.

They took another step shortly after recollecting themselves, this time an angled tile in the direction of the stone. The runes below shined blue and disappeared.

"I'm thinking they are randomized", said Nemeia of the square floor plan.

The next step together and the runes lit with a blue light before disappearing.

"So, red for bad, blue for good", Ski responded.

With caution, they stepped toward their destination again.


A large door appeared in front of them, abruptly. After considering their options and spotting no obvious signs of the situation being a trap, Ski attempted to open the door which immediately turned red and quickly fell with a heavy weight.

Ski barely avoided being turned into a drow pancake.

With her heart in her throat and sweat pouring down, she breathed a sigh of relief as Nemeia checked on her.

At that moment, they realized they were now within arms reach of the stone. With the presumption that it was the end point, Nemeia reached out but, like the door, it reacted immediately. 

Within seconds, a giant ice giant took the place that the stone once had. With his right arm, he lifted it high and slammed his blunt wooden bat toward the two, barely missing them.

Nemiea responded quickly, slashing her longsword at the giant and slicing a minor wound into its' arm.

A deafening growl filled the room. Taking steps back, Ski then launched an arrow but missed as the beast lashed out in anger.

The giant's next blow missed the mark again, throwing him off his footing. Nemeia used the chance to slash again, this time hacking his left leg nearly completely off at the shin and Ski hit him in between the eyes with an arrow.

The giant's last blow struck Ski with force, sending her back and nearly knocking her out; blood pouring from her nose.

Nemeia lifted her sword once more and finished their enemy with a shot that pierced its' brain deeply.

The troll disappeared, replaced again by the stone which lit with a bright light.

The last thing Ski saw before passing out was that she was back in the bunker.

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