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Review Roundup of Missed Content #6: June Pt. 1

Matches: 1.Cody vs Jungle Boy (06/03) ***3/4 2.Kongo vs Higuchi,Sanshiro,Tomomitsu (06/06) ***3/4 3.Hardcore: Daisuke vs Isami vs Shunma (06/06) ***1/2 4.Tokyo 2020 Last Man Standing: Takeshita vs Yoshihiko (06/06) ***3/4 5.Yuka, Miraclians vs Rika, Bakuretsu Sisters **3/4 6.HARASHIMA, Marufuji vs MAO, ASUKA (06/07) **** 7.Nautilus vs #STRONGHEARTS (06/07) **** 8.Tanaka vs Endo (06/07) ****1/4 9.Io vs Ripley vs Flair (06/07) ****1/4 10.Styles vs Bryan (06/08) ****1/2 Thoughts: My June pull list was so large I decided to break it up into parts. I have some episodes of We are STARDOM to watch with my kiddo that are from this month, as well. The first pull is from when Cody was pulling a Cena. I've heard great things about Cody's TNT Championship run and I appreciate what I've seen of Jungle Boy since I first started seeing him in California. Cody's aggression, Jungle doubling down on his underdog role, both worked nicely together to tell a good story. The MJF rest spot se

A Quick Tournament Season Primer

We are about to be completely absorbed by the G1, N-1, and Carnival tournaments and admittedly, it's a lot to take in. To try to make it a tad easier, consider this a quick primer! AJPW CHAMPION CARNIVAL This year's Champion Carnival will feature 10 stars and runs from the 12th of September until the 5th of October. Two blocks of five will face off with the leaders of each competing in the finals. A win equals two points, draws one, and an L is a big, fat zero spot. The winner, assuming it's not the AJPW Triple Crown Champ already, earns a title shot. The talent breakdown is as such: A BLOCK: Jiro, Zeus, Suwama, Jake Lee, Kuma B BLOCK: Ashino, Kento, Yoshitatsu, Shuji, Yuma The most likely survivors from the A Block are Jake Lee and Zeus. Jake honestly should win but if they are still unready to fully pull the trigger, Zeus is a logical call. Note that Kuma's inclusion should provide some very good matches that are exciting and fresh. Anyone that pins Suwama should earn

WWE SmackDown 09/04 Review

Matches: 1.Heavy Machinery vs Miz, Morrison ** 2.WWE Women's Tag Titles: Nia, Shayna(c) vs Bayley, Banks ***1/4 3.Sheamus vs Corbin vs Riddle vs Jey ***1/4 Thoughts: My kids and I were watching stuff on Hulu and this came on. I was going to change it but the little ones wanted to watch. I'm pretty sure I saw this getting a lot of good reviews anyway so why not. Maybe WWE actually did a rare thing and put on a good show. The show started with a clip from Payback. Apparently Roman is back, is champ, and is being managed by Paul. I guess Reigns magically is no longer at risk of COVID? Yea, I have no idea what's going on there... Since this is WWE, of course we then head to an in-ring talking moment. At least it's Paul speaking. The Thunderdome looks awful. They should have done what the NBA is doing. Looks far better. The segment was actually well done by the way. I figured I'd have to turn it off because the kiddos would lose interest. Somehow, Paul instead did a good

That Bump: On AEW's Handling of Matt vs Sammy

Let me preface by saying I hate rapid fire journalism. I understand why it exists but dislike how it usually comes off. I try to avoid that. This is merely an opinion piece from a fan.  Now, this weekend AEW held their latest special event. As a show, and one that came with a steep fee to see, it's getting WWE level reviews from the general IWC population. A quick look at Cagematch backs this up. One of the most talked about moments came from an ill fated high spot that went wrong featuring Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara. There's a great chance you know what I am talking about but, if not, here's a look! That was hard to watch, right? Well, there's a few issues here and we need to start with the damn thing happening in the first place. Let's point out that Matt is a vet and has taken multiple bumps over his long career. This spot shouldn't have been allowed to begin with. Simply doing a test run should have stopped it or, you know, common sense, really. IF they we

Review Roundup of Missed Content #5: May

Matches: 1.Endo vs Higuchi (05/02) ***3/4 2.Soya vs Sugiura (05/03) **** 3.Street Fight: Omega, Matt vs Inner Circle (05/06) ***1/2 4.Hardcore: Shunma vs Brookes (05/09) ***3/4 5.McIntyre vs Rollins (05/10) ***3/4 6.Jungle Boy vs MJF (05/23) **** 7.Moxley vs Brodie (05/23) ***1/2 8.Stadium Stampede: The Elite, Matt vs Inner Circle (05/23) ****1/2 9.Thatcher vs Riddle (05/27) **** 10.#DAMNHEARTS vs DISASTER BOX (05/30) ***3/4 Thoughts: This month features a wide range from across the globe. A reminder that promotions deserve condemnation for reckless behavior and that all the matches here are from companies that should have done better for the workers. I support the talent and not the logos of billionaires. I've changed the direction of my cynicism to fully point in the right direction now in my opinion. Remember, for example, that Khan might be a fan, but he's also just a rich trust fund baby that is recklessly endangering his action figures. Up first, Endo and Higuchi which wa