Let me preface by saying I hate rapid fire journalism. I understand why it exists but dislike how it usually comes off. I try to avoid that. This is merely an opinion piece from a fan. 

Now, this weekend AEW held their latest special event. As a show, and one that came with a steep fee to see, it's getting WWE level reviews from the general IWC population. A quick look at Cagematch backs this up. One of the most talked about moments came from an ill fated high spot that went wrong featuring Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara. There's a great chance you know what I am talking about but, if not, here's a look!

That was hard to watch, right? Well, there's a few issues here and we need to start with the damn thing happening in the first place.

Let's point out that Matt is a vet and has taken multiple bumps over his long career. This spot shouldn't have been allowed to begin with. Simply doing a test run should have stopped it or, you know, common sense, really. IF they were insisting on running with it, they should have not used a spear and/or had more tables set up. I always try to put blame where it belongs and Khan deserves blame for allowing this to even be part of the match.

Second, the doctor needs fired. I know he's well respected and even saved JR when he had the heart attack, but this big of a mistake shouldn't go unpunished. Matt hit his head, went stiff, and then hit his head again moments later. I have some training in concussion protocol from my college days and my sports officiating days and even I knew the damn thing should have been waived off. Also, Khan is responsible for every single thing that happens in AEW. Even if it might have come off as him undermining the doctor giving the green flag for the thing to continue, it should have still been called off. Khan needs to step up and own both of these major mistakes.

Flash forward, and Matt's wife is claiming that he has a concussion. Tony is claiming he doesn't. Without breaking HIPAA protocols, we'll likely never know for sure but I will trust the spouse over a promoter any day of the week. I know Reby has a reputation of being iffy at times, a reputation I don't honestly think is the fairest and is based more in sexism than anything, but she has more likely a chance to be right than Tony here. I also know that concussions don't always show up on scans which seemed to be the entire bases for Khan's approach here. I don't think he's doing as Konnan suggested, but I think he has handled the entire situation poorly and truly needs to own that.

Matt will reportedly be on Dynamite this week. He will likely make a statement. One that will either contradict his boss or his wife, or one where he might just ignore the subject by dancing around it a bit. And fans will either accept it or make assumptions such as, "he's just trying to make AEW look good" or something along those lines. Not everyone will be happy either way.

The fact is that the spot shouldn't have happened, a doctor fucked up bad and allowed an injured performer to continue working, and now we have conflicting reports that also are making AEW collectively look B-League. This weekend was an AEW hater's wet dream. The company's biggest mistake since starting has been acting superior than WWE, which isn't that high of a bar, while endangering talent and all those they come into contact. They should have done a bubble approach similar to that of the NBA and taped multiple shows in advance. Most fans let them slide on that. I boycotted the product for five months. Make no mistake though, regardless of what the truth on Matt might be, all eyes are on the next statements and Tony better make sure he steps the fuck up because fans, this is one of the biggest moments in company history and the next steps will mean a whole fucking lot!

Don't get me started on JR.....