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Review Roundup of Missed Content #4: April

Matches: 1.Boneyard Match: Undertaker vs Styles (04/04) ***1/4 2.Ripley vs Flair (04/05) ***3/4 3.Firefly Funhouse: Fiend vs Cena (04/05) **3/4 4.Laredo Kid vs LA Park (04/18) ***1/2 5.Pentagon Jr vs Hijo del Vikingo (04/18) ***3/4 6.Pentagon Jr vs LA Park (04/18) ***1/4 7.Pentagon Jr vs Psycho Clown (04/18) ***1/2 8.Murphy vs Mysterio (04/20) *** 9.Matt Jackson vs Nick Jackson (04/20) ***1/2 10.Cody vs Darby (04/29) *** Thoughts: Matt Hardy as well as Lucha Underground. Those two are responsible for perfecting the cinematic style. Due to COVID, WWE, having just bribed a politician to allow themselves to run because they're ran by a piece of shit, decided to dip their toes heavily into the style back in April. I remember hearing mixed reviews on their attempts, but figured the boneyard and firefly matches were worth checking out from those attempts. The Undertaker versus AJ entry was actually entertaining for what it was. They certainly told a decent story if nothing else, though I

Review Roundup of Missed Content #3: March

Matches: 1.Ilja vs A-Kid (03/06) ***1/2 2.Bryan vs Gulak (03/08) ***1/2 Thoughts: Now that I am done punishing myself for the bullshit choices of others and catching up on missed content, accepting even further that there is no such thing as moral consumption in a capitalist society, I think it's already helping a bit with my depression. Just two this go around.  Ilja and A-Kid are two of my favorites from the other side of the planet, for the record. Together, they put in for a very good singles match. A good sign of a worthwhile contest is when everyone involved leaves looking good and that happened here.  The other match saw Bryan and Drew work a fun, technical battle. Props to Bryan for making Gulak look good here. Many dudes in his position would rather squash someone in the same situation. I love that quote from Sabre that he made recently in regards to working matches of these sort in front of an American audience by the way. Feels like a worthwhile thing to say right now. A

Review Roundup of Missed Content #2: February

Matches from 02/16: 1.Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic **** 2.Street Fight: Dakota Kai vs Tegan Nox ***3/4 3.Finn Balor vs Johnny Gargano ****1/4 4.BroserWeights vs Undisputed Era ****1/4 5.Adam Cole vs Tommaso Ciampa ***3/4 Thoughts: I was putting together a list of matches I missed from February and they were all from this show. A reminder that WWE is ran by a piece of shit. I will note that I have heard since NXT moved to television in an attempt to counter AEW that they've dipped in quality. I am unsure personally if I agree since I haven't watched, but I will say that I have a few observations here. The first match was fantastic, with strong back and forth. I doubt Dominik ever gets a strong push in WWE, but the dude can be a strong workhorse when needed. I heard Keith is getting a push right now. I hope he is getting a good paycheck! The second was a great match and a solid use of the gimmick. At least it appears that they're still letting their stacked women's divi

Review Roundup of Missed Content #1: January

Matches: 1.Devlin vs Bate (01/12)  ***3/4 2.Dunne, Riddle vs Flash, Andrews  (01/15) ***1/2 3.DIY vs Moustache Mountain (01/25) ****1/4 4.Undisputed Era vs Imperium  (01/25) **** Thoughts: The first was a great singles encounter with a decent dose of charisma on display. NXT UK is a soulless take on the Euro scene, but talent this high quality will shine despite the situation from time to time. The second pull was a very good tag team affair with the right duo winning. Last up, two multiman battles that hit four star territory and well easily worth recommendation. Gotta love all the tag team clashes and, in all, this was a strong group of contests. Note: I posted recently that I had realized I no longer wanted to praise promotions themselves, since they're really just a logo for the shitty billionaire that owns them. During this revelation, I took note that, despite Vince being the shittiest of shit in the game, that no longer caring about the house and solely of the resident meant

...Related Thoughts on Sports

I just posted a giant fuck you to unsafe owners but felt the need to explain why I will still be supporting the sports franchises that I follow, despite no longer caring about which select promotion is home to the matches and caring solely about the talent themselves. I want to again say that there is no such thing as a moral billionaire. It's two words that do not belong together. I am well aware that this applies to the owners of the Jets, Devils, Nets, etc. especially as they are also running mid-pandemic. I will still watch the teams though, while no longer trying to directly contribute to the organizations, largely out of territory pride. I, for example, LOVE New York. That's why nearly every team I support calls NY home (either symbolically in cases like the Jets or literally in cases of the Nets).  I also love the idea of team rivalries or else I'd consider taking on additional teams to root for. The sole rivals I root for on both sides would be the Mets and the Yank

A Special Fuck You to Shitty Wrestling Promotions

COVID-19 is said to take around 5-14 days to show signs. As a result, simply doing a temperature check is worthless. Holding your show outdoors surely helps a tad, but you still are supposed to maintain social distancing and proper mask usage. That said, I have seen clips lately featuring a large handful of promotions running while either doing smoke and mirror bullshit to maintain a false sense of security (despite doing the bare minimum) or, even worse, some just throwing shit in the fan directly and saying they literally don't give a fuck about anyone. Stateside ICW, for example, and their Insane 8 bullshit. The clip I saw featured a rather packed crowd, not a mask in sight. ICW, fuck you! WWE bribed a politician to continue running and has fucked things up over and over and over again. AEW did far better but has still fucked up over and over again. New Japan talked a big game, rightfully condemning the two parties I just mentioned, and then started running shows with fans befor