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I just posted a giant fuck you to unsafe owners but felt the need to explain why I will still be supporting the sports franchises that I follow, despite no longer caring about which select promotion is home to the matches and caring solely about the talent themselves.

I want to again say that there is no such thing as a moral billionaire. It's two words that do not belong together. I am well aware that this applies to the owners of the Jets, Devils, Nets, etc. especially as they are also running mid-pandemic.

I will still watch the teams though, while no longer trying to directly contribute to the organizations, largely out of territory pride. I, for example, LOVE New York. That's why nearly every team I support calls NY home (either symbolically in cases like the Jets or literally in cases of the Nets).  I also love the idea of team rivalries or else I'd consider taking on additional teams to root for. The sole rivals I root for on both sides would be the Mets and the Yankees but that's a long story that I won't bore anyone reading this with. Past that, I have no intention of adding the Giants or Knicks on.

Know that I am aware that these views are likely a tad fringe, especially in regards to the prior post. I also hope you know that I was raised to believe that respect is everything and that I see the way so many have handled this virus to be disrespectful. That's the very backbone for why I was boycotting to being with, outside of the NBA and WNBA, and MLS' tournament they ran, and that's just because those actually did a good job and I respected the approach. I still think if AEW wants to get on a high horse that they need to start using the bubble approach and tape a huge lot of content.

Note that I largely soap boxed all of this more as an announcement of sorts, since I wanted to explain to those handful of regular visitors why you might see some changes soon here plus as basically an elaboration.

Be safe, be well, thanks for reading as always.

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