Review Roundup of Missed Content #3: March

Two Miles of Chain But Not That Horny: WWE Elimination Chamber Recap and  Review


1.Ilja vs A-Kid (03/06) ***1/2

2.Bryan vs Gulak (03/08) ***1/2


Now that I am done punishing myself for the bullshit choices of others and catching up on missed content, accepting even further that there is no such thing as moral consumption in a capitalist society, I think it's already helping a bit with my depression.

Just two this go around. 

Ilja and A-Kid are two of my favorites from the other side of the planet, for the record. Together, they put in for a very good singles match. A good sign of a worthwhile contest is when everyone involved leaves looking good and that happened here. 

The other match saw Bryan and Drew work a fun, technical battle. Props to Bryan for making Gulak look good here. Many dudes in his position would rather squash someone in the same situation. I love that quote from Sabre that he made recently in regards to working matches of these sort in front of an American audience by the way. Feels like a worthwhile thing to say right now. Alas, this was very good either way.

Two matches, both worth considering if you missed 'em.

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