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Carnyland #3 Thoughts

Eddie Kingston kicks the episode off talking down to racists, talking about his history with anger and how wrestling saved him from it. He dedicated his work moving forward to those that have been lost due to racism. Great stuff. I hope Eddie gets a chance to hold the ten pounds one day. Gotta love that subtle jab at the orange menace from Stu. The latest Carnyland follows up on the promise of the Mayor race they promoted last time. Latimer's campaign ad was pretty great. The rest of Strictly Business also ran some ads. Good comedy. The rest of the episode mainly detailed the "election" and showcased a few other campaigns. My pick is either Rosa or "Ester". There was also an awful Valentine story, a seizure inducing Mongrovian segment, and Kay being told she has RBF. Good stuff in general though a few, minor production flaws were noticeable. Become a Citizen and vote today! Speaking of elections, know that I am helping the Green Party candidate, Howie H

NWA World Championship Wrestling 01/13/90 Review

Matches: 1.Sting vs Cook NR 2.Doom vs Drake, Steel NR 3.Rock 'n' Roll Express vs State Patrol **1/4 4.Ranger Ross vs Chase NR 5.Dr. Death vs Fargo NR 6.Luger vs Rose NR 7.Pillman,Z-Man vs Italian Stallion, Harris NR 8.Cactus Jack vs Scott NR 9.Arn Anderson vs Higgins ** 10.Hayes vs Nelson NR 11.Midnight Express vs Ligon, Regal NR 12.Skyscrapers vs Santo, Ryder NR Thoughts: Sting got in a few promos, including an iffy opening cut, this time. The main purpose was to build his match with Flair. Heck, the Horsemen united for a studio spot late in the edition. Luger also called out Flair. We were shown a clip of Norman gifting Woman a bad painting and getting attacked as a result. There was also a tacky Cornette interview with Ric that had Woman come out and try to become his "associate". Clash of the Champions and Wrestle War got some build, mainly the latter. Like the first week, and likely the episodes to come, nearly everything here was a squash of som

CHIKARA Action Arcade Coverage Notice

I had been enjoying the CHIKARA Action Arcade series and, from what I had been told by a few sources involved with the show, it was completely using old content that they repurposed. I was behind this 100% and excited to be watching CHIKARA again regularly. Their roster is unique, as always, the stories are enjoyable, and the action is better than many give it credit for. Simply put, it was a fun show. When I went to watch episode nine, it became very obvious that they were using empty arena footage that they likely shot during the pandemic. The crowd noise they added in as well as the camera edits to hide the lack of fans was jarringly obvious and, as I've said before, I cannot support anyone running right now. I was going to complete the ten episodes and skip the Cibernetico but now I am stopping where I have instead. Should they keep running Action Arcade, I will begin watching again once I feel it is acceptable to do so. Until then, it looks like I'll be focusing on cla

When I'll Start Covering Newer Content Again...

If you missed this  post, you might not have known the reason why I haven't been covering DDT, NOAH, AEW, etc of late. But, long story short, I find it appalling that they are running mid-pandemic. I love wrestling, obviously, but it's not worth a single life being lost. I had applauded New Japan for their stance but even they are now about to do similar despite their big soapbox statements a few weeks ago. So, when will I begin to watch, review, and generally cover new things again? When either a vaccine is available or a treatment that truly works. Until then, I encourage you to join me in my ban. If watching the shows helps you get through the stress of the current world situation I get it and am not judging you. I just hope you consider my stance and, if you can, join the ban. Until then, expect me to continue filling out the blog with reviews to older content alongside the other posts I tend to make. Stay safe and thank you for reading.

Throwback Reviews: DDT4AA (NWA-WCW)

Match from NWA Power Hour 01/12/90: 1.NWA TV Title: Great Muta(c) vs Arn Anderson ***1/2 Thoughts: Following the first episode of NWA-WCW of 1990, next we hit the main event from an episode of Power Hour that soon followed. For those whom may be wondering, at this point the three main shows of the NWA on television were World Championship Wrestling, Power Hour, and Main Event. Now, not only was this a championship defense, but it was also meant to further help build to the Clash of Champions X main event and, for that reason, it's worth seeing for anyone wanting to make the same journey that I am. For everyone else, I'd still suggest this because it was a pretty good contest in general on its own. Plus, you get some novelty from seeing a young Muta! Click play above.

NWA World Championship Wrestling 01/06/90 Review

Matches: 1.Steiners vs Rose, Fargo NR 2.Midnight Express vs Brady, Drake ES 3.Norman vs Cook ES 4.Pillman,Z-Man vs State Patrol **3/4 5.The Royal Family vs Santo, Regal ES 6.Skyscrapers vs Steele, Harris NR 7.Dynamic Dudes vs Cactus Jack, Scott ES 8.Dr. Death vs Higgins ES 9.Cactus Jack vs Rich **1/2 10.Samoan SWAT Team vs Italian Stallion, Chase NR 11.Four Horsemen vs Galaxians ES Thoughts: I've been putting together a playlist of 1990 WCW content on YouTube that can be found here . It's a work in progress. I will be watching and reviewing not just content from it, but also will be including reviews for matches/shows that I want to experience but aren't on YouTube. Let's start with the first episode of NWA World Championship Wrestling Television of 1990. Note that this episode has made me create a change to my rating system. NR will continue to represent anything that is less that 3-minutes. Normally, I'd give no more than two stars to extended