I had been enjoying the CHIKARA Action Arcade series and, from what I had been told by a few sources involved with the show, it was completely using old content that they repurposed. I was behind this 100% and excited to be watching CHIKARA again regularly. Their roster is unique, as always, the stories are enjoyable, and the action is better than many give it credit for. Simply put, it was a fun show.

When I went to watch episode nine, it became very obvious that they were using empty arena footage that they likely shot during the pandemic. The crowd noise they added in as well as the camera edits to hide the lack of fans was jarringly obvious and, as I've said before, I cannot support anyone running right now. I was going to complete the ten episodes and skip the Cibernetico but now I am stopping where I have instead.

Should they keep running Action Arcade, I will begin watching again once I feel it is acceptable to do so. Until then, it looks like I'll be focusing on classic content and a few random things from this year that I missed.