If you missed this post, you might not have known the reason why I haven't been covering DDT, NOAH, AEW, etc of late. But, long story short, I find it appalling that they are running mid-pandemic. I love wrestling, obviously, but it's not worth a single life being lost. I had applauded New Japan for their stance but even they are now about to do similar despite their big soapbox statements a few weeks ago.

So, when will I begin to watch, review, and generally cover new things again?

When either a vaccine is available or a treatment that truly works. Until then, I encourage you to join me in my ban. If watching the shows helps you get through the stress of the current world situation I get it and am not judging you. I just hope you consider my stance and, if you can, join the ban.

Until then, expect me to continue filling out the blog with reviews to older content alongside the other posts I tend to make.

Stay safe and thank you for reading.