1.Sting vs Cook NR
2.Doom vs Drake, Steel NR
3.Rock 'n' Roll Express vs State Patrol **1/4
4.Ranger Ross vs Chase NR
5.Dr. Death vs Fargo NR
6.Luger vs Rose NR
7.Pillman,Z-Man vs Italian Stallion, Harris NR
8.Cactus Jack vs Scott NR
9.Arn Anderson vs Higgins **
10.Hayes vs Nelson NR
11.Midnight Express vs Ligon, Regal NR
12.Skyscrapers vs Santo, Ryder NR

Sting got in a few promos, including an iffy opening cut, this time. The main purpose was to build his match with Flair. Heck, the Horsemen united for a studio spot late in the edition. Luger also called out Flair. We were shown a clip of Norman gifting Woman a bad painting and getting attacked as a result. There was also a tacky Cornette interview with Ric that had Woman come out and try to become his "associate". Clash of the Champions and Wrestle War got some build, mainly the latter. Like the first week, and likely the episodes to come, nearly everything here was a squash of some sort. Last week I tried to add a new rating option, slightly influenced by a few beers, that was called ES (extended squash). I've decided to go ahead and just lump all squashes, regardless of length, into the NR category. No need to be fancy about glorified murder, right?

Remember when I had that special system for WRESTLE-1's weekly series? I miss that company so much. Oh, while I'm being random, know that someone complained about the format of my blog when looked at on a mobile browser so I made an edit that should have fixed the issue. As a result, you shouldn't be seeing the labels list and the other links on the right hand side any more when viewing in such a way. Just a heads up.

Anyway, while these episodes aren't without issue, I am enjoying the old school nature and the idea of seeing the big matches getting built up. There is a charm here and it's making the experience a good one. Don't take this jump thinking you're going to get something awesome each installment, but know that it's still far better than wasting double the amount of time on something like Raw. If you want solid old-school wrestling, join me on this adventure.

Oh, and if you were wondering...

-World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair
-US Heavyweight Champion: Lex Luger
-World TV Champion: Arn Anderson
-World Tag Champions: Steiner Brothers

Overall Rating: 60/100%