Eddie Kingston kicks the episode off talking down to racists, talking about his history with anger and how wrestling saved him from it. He dedicated his work moving forward to those that have been lost due to racism. Great stuff. I hope Eddie gets a chance to hold the ten pounds one day.

Gotta love that subtle jab at the orange menace from Stu.

The latest Carnyland follows up on the promise of the Mayor race they promoted last time. Latimer's campaign ad was pretty great. The rest of Strictly Business also ran some ads. Good comedy. The rest of the episode mainly detailed the "election" and showcased a few other campaigns. My pick is either Rosa or "Ester". There was also an awful Valentine story, a seizure inducing Mongrovian segment, and Kay being told she has RBF. Good stuff in general though a few, minor production flaws were noticeable. Become a Citizen and vote today!

Speaking of elections, know that I am helping the Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins' campaign for the 2020 General Election. Just a heads up for those that missed the news. If you're reading this on a non-mobile device, click the H20 logo on the right to listen to a recent interview I had with him.