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Throwback Reviews: Some Funk With That Flair (NWA-WCW)

Match from NWA-WCW Clash of Champions #9: 1.I Quit: Flair vs Funk ***3/4 Thoughts: Old school violence, Funk style! Following directly behind at the heels of that fantastic Steamboat feud I just covered, we move on to Funk and Flair in an I Quit match. Great crowd, great audience, great story, great brawl. This period of Flair's work is easily his best and Funk, well the dude was a beast back then. If you're wanting some entertaining chaos today, click play!

Throwback Reviews: Bigger Better Badder (WWF)

Match from WWF Wrestlemania III: 1.WWF Intercontinental Title: Savage(c) vs Steamboat ***3/4 Thoughts: I haven't seen this one since I was a child. I will say that while many point to Wrestlemania III as the peak of WWF and Hogan slamming Andre as the big moment, this match is what actually meant the most. Steamboat and Savage's work here cemented the sport as worthy of the masses and cannot be underappreciated for its significance and influence. They painted a fantastic story and even the seconds played their roles perfectly, but with that said I do think you'd have to be wearing nostalgia goggles to rate it four stars or higher. Perhaps with a better finish instead of the flash pin it might have reached that range for me.

Four Pillars Playlist Reviews #4

Match from AJPW October Giant Series 10/19/90: 1.Super Generation Army(Kenta,Misawa,Kawada) vs Tsuruta-gun(Jumbo,Akira,Fuchi) ****3/4 Thoughts: For 25 minutes, these six brutalized each other in a true war that featured heavy blows and strong story work. Truly, the work here was awe inspiring and this really was nearly perfect. How evenly matched it was played was a major attraction and is sure to leave even the stingiest of fans satisfied. Simply put, this is must-see and one of the best six-man matches ever and a top shelf burner.

Throwback Reviews Collection: 1989 Flair/Steamboat Rivalry

Match from NWA-WCW TV 01/21/89: 1. Four Horsemen vs Steamboat, Gilbert  ***1/2 Match from NWA-WCW Chi-Town Rumble: 2. NWA Heavyweight Title: Flair(c) vs Steamboat **** Match from NWA-WCW 03/18/89: 3. NWA Heavyweight Title: Steamboat(c) vs Flair **** Match from NWA-WCW Clash of the Champions #6: 4. NWA Heavyweight Title, 2/3 Falls: Steamboat(c) vs Flair ****1/4 Match from NWA-WCW WrestleWar 1989: 5. NWA Heavyweight Title: Steamboat(c) vs Flair  ***3/4 Thoughts: It's probably been at least ten years since I've seen any of these and in honor of Sean Gillott, a guy I respected a lot and was one of my favorite I enjoyed talking to about classic wrestling, let's take a dive. Note I originally intended to call this an 80's collection but all the pulls happened to be from 1989. Then I realized that it was basically just Flair vs Steamboat matches, so from there I just decided to look at their rivalry from the year. Let's begin... Up first, we have the s

Throwback Reviews Collection: ROH 2002 Grab Bag

Matches from The Era of Honor Begins 1. IWA Puerto Rico IC Title: Eddie Guerrero(c) vs Super Crazy  ***1/4 2. Low Ki vs American Dragon vs Christopher Daniels  ****1/4 Match from Honor Invades Boston 3. ROH Title:Low Ki(c) vs AJ Styles  ***1/2 Match from Glory By Honor 4. Fight Without Honor: Samoa Joe vs Low Ki  **** Match from Final Battle 5. CM Punk vs Colt Cabana  *** Thoughts: These are an assortment of matches I found on YouTube from 2002 that I thought I'd check out. My experiences with the company start closer to '05, so these were all new to me. That said, there was a clear tone already in place in their first year which, in many ways, symbolizes the indie style even today. Match one and two are from their debut event, The Era of Honor Begins. The first pull saw Eddie Guerrero and Super Crazy work a fairly good title match. Eddie was his cocky self and ended up paying via flash pin. It's a nice novelty if nothing else. The other contest was the first

Dark Side of the Ring: The Match Made in Heaven Thoughts

As much as I love professional wrestling, I'm behind the game when it comes to this series. Like podcasts in general, I rarely take in these documentaries, despite loving documentaries. I have no excuse other than the fact that I don't have a ton of time. That's not to say I haven't seen some of the show and I tend to read a lot about wrestling in general, so none of these things are going to be new necessarily. Still, it's time to fix this though I warn it'll be a slow dive. This is the debut episode of Viceland's Dark Side of the Ring, which focused on Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth and it was heavy with the soap opera drama. Seriously, high school level bullshit here. Now, this was actually very well done so don't make any mistake on that. It's just that I'm from a smaller town outside of Houston and the amount of childish bullshit I saw growing up there reminded me heavily of this episode and I'm just....over that kind of thing, if

Throwback Reviews: It's a Unification Thing (WWA)

Match from WWA The Reckoning: 1.NWA-TNA X Title/WWA CW Title Unification: Sabin(X) vs Lynn(CW) vs Swinger vs Kazarian ***3/4 Thoughts: If you don't remember World Wrestling All-Stars, that's okay. I mean, most people don't remember them existing and really it's just a company that basically bridged the gap between the death of WCW and the start of NWA-TNA. The Reckoning was their final show which actually saw the company unify with NWA-TNA, for what it's worth. With all that said, lets take a look at the one match from the company that actually got a decent amount of praise from those who saw it. The four worked a high octane spotfest with little slowdowns, and everyone got their shit in. They really utilized the 15 minutes here, building nicely to the finish, which saw Sabin unify both titles via Future Shock Muscle Buster. If you're a fan of balls to the wall action, this is certainly something to add to your watch lists and a great gem I'm sure

Carnyland #1 Thoughts

This is solid gold, featuring tales of carny bookers, cliche promo spoofs, a history lesson, and more. The tone is perfect, easily making this one of the most entertaining things in wrestling right now with a nice dose of humor touching nearly every corner. This was a needed addition right now and something I look forward to watching each week. I commend NWA for their actions during this pandemic and think this is just the medicine many of us fans needed right now so go ahead and give it a click!

NWA Super Powerrr Review

Matches: 1.Kamille vs Madi NR 2.Rock n' Roll Express vs Stevens, Question Mark *1/2 3.No DQ: Storm vs Dane *** 4.Belle vs Steelz vs Vox **1/4 5.Villain Enterprises(Scurll,King) vs Strictly Business(Aldis,Latimer) ***1/4 Thoughts: Before getting to the review, I wanted to quick give my condolences to the family of Larry Csonka. Before starting this blog, I was set to actually begin writing for 411mania. Then he had his leg amputated and was obviously overwhelmed for a period. Instead of waiting, I decided to start this blog. Larry was one of the hardest working dudes in the game, if not THE hardest working, and someone that will be sorely missed. RIP! Now, for the review... I've said before that season 2 of Powerrr won me over but that season 3 had been losing me again. Then the world stopped running and we went several weeks without a new episode. I applaud NWA for closing down and for their attempts to keep eyes on their channel by uploading content from older sh

Throwback Reviews: Thunderous Exit (WCW)

Match from WCW Thunder Episode 85 1.Blitzkrieg, Kaz vs Silver King, Juventud ***1/2 Thoughts: Not only was this a very good tag team spotfest, it was also the final match of Blitzkrieg's career. Both teams worked hard and put in for some creative content and, even if it wasn't always super smooth, the strong pacing helped keep this borderline great. Check it out.

Throwback Reviews: Lightning! (WCW)

Match from WCW Thunder Episode 2: 1.WCW Cruiserweight Title: Juventud(c) vs Mysterio Jr ***3/4 Thoughts: Here, we have Juventud defending the WCW Cruiserweight Championship against Rey Mysterio Jr. As amazing as Juventud was during this period, the Juvi Juice couldn't put down the challenger with Rey walking out as champion. They traded big spot after big spot all the way until the end and put in for a fun match that holds up nicely even by today's standards. Great stuff well worth checking out.