Match from WWA The Reckoning:
1.NWA-TNA X Title/WWA CW Title Unification: Sabin(X) vs Lynn(CW) vs Swinger vs Kazarian ***3/4

If you don't remember World Wrestling All-Stars, that's okay. I mean, most people don't remember them existing and really it's just a company that basically bridged the gap between the death of WCW and the start of NWA-TNA. The Reckoning was their final show which actually saw the company unify with NWA-TNA, for what it's worth.

With all that said, lets take a look at the one match from the company that actually got a decent amount of praise from those who saw it.

The four worked a high octane spotfest with little slowdowns, and everyone got their shit in. They really utilized the 15 minutes here, building nicely to the finish, which saw Sabin unify both titles via Future Shock Muscle Buster. If you're a fan of balls to the wall action, this is certainly something to add to your watch lists and a great gem I'm sure is lost to even the most diehard of fans.