Wrestlemania | Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat - video ...
Match from WWF Wrestlemania III:
1.WWF Intercontinental Title: Savage(c) vs Steamboat ***3/4

I haven't seen this one since I was a child. I will say that while many point to Wrestlemania III as the peak of WWF and Hogan slamming Andre as the big moment, this match is what actually meant the most. Steamboat and Savage's work here cemented the sport as worthy of the masses and cannot be underappreciated for its significance and influence. They painted a fantastic story and even the seconds played their roles perfectly, but with that said I do think you'd have to be wearing nostalgia goggles to rate it four stars or higher. Perhaps with a better finish instead of the flash pin it might have reached that range for me.