NWA Super Powerrr Review

1.Kamille vs Madi NR
2.Rock n' Roll Express vs Stevens, Question Mark *1/2
3.No DQ: Storm vs Dane ***
4.Belle vs Steelz vs Vox **1/4
5.Villain Enterprises(Scurll,King) vs Strictly Business(Aldis,Latimer) ***1/4

Before getting to the review, I wanted to quick give my condolences to the family of Larry Csonka. Before starting this blog, I was set to actually begin writing for 411mania. Then he had his leg amputated and was obviously overwhelmed for a period. Instead of waiting, I decided to start this blog. Larry was one of the hardest working dudes in the game, if not THE hardest working, and someone that will be sorely missed. RIP!

Now, for the review...

I've said before that season 2 of Powerrr won me over but that season 3 had been losing me again. Then the world stopped running and we went several weeks without a new episode. I applaud NWA for closing down and for their attempts to keep eyes on their channel by uploading content from older shows. That said, I am also thankful to get the chance to watch a new episode of Powerrr and especially thankful that I can watch it with a clean conscious knowing it was filmed before doing so was a real threat to the fans and the workers involved. As a result, I promise to watch, review, and promote each episode of Powerrr moving forward here in the blog and will also buy some merch soon. I appreciate and respect when a company does the right thing.

So, this special installment began with Scurll and Brody with King promising victory. We followed up with a highlight from a previous episode that ended with Kamille and Rosa starring each other down and then a commercial promoting the DVD release of season one of Powerrr. I am not sure how well that will sell, considering you can watch it free online, but I'll presume it was a calculated move with some form of market research behind it. Before the first match of the evening, they added a few more highlights of the Kamille drama.

The first match saw Kamille take out Madi Maxx with ease. Simple stuff but done with the purpose of showing off the challenger before she gets her inevitable chance at the division title. I'm not huge on squashes though, preferring to see talents in the fire of a real challenge instead. After, she refuses to talk again but they gave us a package highlighting her with her...talking. Interesting call. It was actually a very good package, either way.

I'm not sure if I hadn't noticed before or if I'm only making the connection because I had a few beers, but they've used a dramatic chord strike a few times so far that reminds me heavily of the one Lucha Underground used.

Austin Idol commercial time. Has anyone ever called that number? Did anyone ever call Famous B's number?

Highlights of tensions with the Express and Stevens/Question Mark led us into a studio spot with Mooney and the Rock N' Roll boys. They put over the Crockett Cup and NWA. The match between the two teams was...okay, but I remain rather cold on Aron Stevens stuff in general and it was rather below average. The good news is it built a bit toward the Trevor defense which I hope sees a new champion crowned.

They reminded me next that Dice is the TV Champ, which is something I had forgotten. I still think that was a weird change, but knowing that Starks became a free agent today makes it clearly the right call.

Next, we get a look at the drama with Melina and Rosa's troubles. That's a match I have little hope for, since Melina is well past her prime and since Rosa is going to have to nerf herself. Luckily, after the package they ran a studio segment that led to the title match becoming a three-way, helping hopefully allow for some smoke and mirrors and a slightly better match assuming they keep Melina in the background.

Tony Falk's Waffles and Tire Irons must be getting hit hard in this pandemic.

A Tim Storm package led into the next match which is a match with a lot of history. I was intrigued seeing Dane appear on Powerrr a few episodes back. The contest in question saw both men brawl for nearly ten minutes, working heavily in the crowd for the first half and closing things out in the ring. In all, it was a good outing though one that went a bit differently than I expected.

After...you know, I'm just gonna say that the Momma Storm stuff needs to die and leave it at that. It's worse than the Stevens stuff.

The May Valentine stuff can also go away, please. I've seen better acting on the 90's soap operas I used to watch every time I got sick and had to miss school.

In the semi, we had a throwaway women's three-way. It was short, but sweet. Truly, a good sign for the future of the division.

Following that, we were gifted with a promo from three of the brand's top talkers. Eddie, Drake, and Storm put in for a gold segment here largely thanks to Kingston. I mean, the dude is amazing and the tag champs are charismatic in their own right. 

Closing Super Powerrr and building off of the Scurll/Aldis rivalry, Strictly Business and Villain Enterprises worked a fairly good tag match after we looked a bit at the highlights of the feud. It was a very modern NWA style encounter and I hope we get to see the payoff match sooner than later, when it's safe to do so, of course.

What the hell is Carnyland, by the way?

Super Powerrr was, in many ways, the best thing of season three while also featuring some representation of the worst parts, too. I have no idea when the next show will be, but I am excited to see what they do and, as mentioned above, I will make sure to watch and support it when it happens. These installments work best when taken as a whole, but the best parts for those more flighty easily were the brawl, the killer segment with Eddie, Drake, and Storm, and the main event. Consider giving some love to a company doing the right thing and watching this, liking the video, sharing it around, and then buying some merch. CHIKARA, EVOLVE, and some DEFY should be up next up on the docket as well as some various classic content. Thanks, as always, for reading. I appreciate every view, comment, etc.

Overall Rating: 65/100%

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