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Select Match Reviews: Yokohama Love

Matches from Wrestle-1 Love in Yokohama 1.No DQ: Koji vs Kuma ***3/4 2.W1 Cruiserweight Title: Andy Wu(c) vs Hijo del Pantera ***3/4 3.W1 Tag Titles: Enfants Terribles(c) vs Strong Hearts ****1/2 4.W1 World Title: T-Hawk(c) vs Inaba ***1/2 Thoughts: Wrestle-1 has been wildly entertaining all year and sincerely unpredictable more often than most wrestling feds are so I'm glad I finally had a chance to catch these four. I watched, as usual, and enjoyed, also as usual, the episode of their weekly show that detailed the event previously so I knew these were high on my watch list. The good news is that all four lived up to my expectations nicely. A bloody, violent brawl, a great back and forth cruiserweight clash, the tag was a MOTYC with the right team winning, and the closer saw Inaba take the top prize in a nice main event battle with the new champ playing the underdog fairly well. I'm admittedly still a bit torn on that call, though. Two new champs and high drama in g

Select Match Reviews: The True Kings

Matches from New Japan King of Pro Wrestling 1.Battle Liger vs Suzuki **** 2.IWGP Jr Title: Ospreay(c) vs Phantasmo **** 3.Kota vs EVIL **** 4.IWGP HW Title: Okada(c) vs SANADA **** Thoughts: All four of these pulls were different. All four were fantastic. Liger/Suzuki was a truly emotional match with a superb post-match moment. The IWGP Junior Heavyweight defense could have been even better without the run-in, but was still a top shelf display of athleticism. Kota and EVIL killed it in a clean battle with both looking like the stars they are. The main event closed things on a high note in a battle that felt cinematic at times though perhaps a slight bit of fat could have been trimmed off. I enjoyed all four of these pulls and recommend each of them for those who might have missed the show.

Select Match Reviews: Invasion of the Luchadores

Matches from AAA Invading NY: 1.Daga vs Puma King vs Aerostar vs Flamita ***1/2 2.AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs LAX **** Thoughts: The four-way was a superkick party spotfest. I liked the headbutt spot, which was well done. Pretty fun stuff in general and it didn't overstay its' welcome. The tag match was encounter #1043 between the two teams yet they once again made it worth seeing. When AEW goes to that well, it should be awesome, too. High drama, spot heavy, and top notch work in general. Watch this one if nothing else. I considered checking some of the other stuff out, but ultimately decided against. Know that most of the show is supposed to be watchable, at the very least, but these two were seemingly the highlights and both turned out to be enjoyable.

This Week in AEW (Nov Week 2) + Rankings

Dark looks like it's back to normal scheduled uploads after the pre-Full Gear move so this week we only have BTE and Dynamite to really worry about. Being the Elite #179 Thoughts Shirt tossing, post-show entertainment with a kid even getting an in-ring photo. Cutler's W-L dropped a mark as he ate a pin to that same kid. The Bucks mocked WWE and the statements you've seen some of their roster (cough...Seth "bootlicker" Rollins) drop lately, mainly in regards to the Saudi situation. Scorp got way too into a ring-kissing moment that I actually hope scars some fuckboys for life. I was at RenFest this past weekend (for the third time this season) so I've seen far "worse" than that lately. How they didn't break down laughing mid-way I have no idea. Kaz/Knox/Orange had one of the best moments and then Kenny and the Old Buc...I mean, Young Bucks had a moment. Page and the rest of the ELITE continue to be awkward when together. I know I've seen s

Select Match Reviews: Pre-gaming with a Handsome Man

Match from DDT Pre Ultimate Party 1.Endo vs Jiro ***1/4 Thoughts: Jiro was a true dick here. Endo had an bad botch early on but it was minor in the grand scheme. For a one off, builder match, this was a good outing with a logical outcome. Consider it if you're bored, but don't worry if you skip it.

Select Match Reviews: Mega Omega

Match from AAA Heroes Inmortales 1.AAA Mega Title: Fenix(c) vs Omega **** Thoughts: The fact that this was booked is proof of why the AEW/AAA relationship is worthwhile. I've enjoyed the crossovers so far and we still have Dragon Lee/Omega on the horizon. Kenny, the best wrestler in the world, once again displayed why he is...well, the best wrestler in the world here against one of the elite flyers. Not only was this an amazing display and a true spectacle, but seeing the title change was icing. AAA has been better this last year and a half than nearly every other promotion and deserve some of your time. At the very least, go out of your way to see this one!

AEW Full Gear Review

Matches: 0.Baker vs Bae *** 1.Young Bucks vs Proud N' Powerful ***3/4 2.PAC vs Page ***1/2 3.Janela vs Spears **1/2 4.AEW Tag Titles: SCU(c) vs Lucha Bros vs Private Party ***1/4 5.AEW Women's Title: Riho(c) vs Emi ***1/2 6.AEW World Title: Jericho(c) vs Cody **** 7.Lights Out: Mox vs Omega ****1/2 Thoughts: The Buy In was entertaining, doing well to promote the card and making everything come off as important. You can also tell that they've learned a lot since the Summer already. I love that Taz worked commentary again. Baker had the flu and decided to pull an MJ here. Good contest with the right winner. Brandi and Kong attacked after, cutting a piece of Bae's hair off and keeping it as a prize. The first match of the show-proper was great yet different than expected, with a nice combo of modern and classic fundamentals. I also appreciate it being called down the line more and for a more structured tag match they still put on a good show. The aftermatc