Dark looks like it's back to normal scheduled uploads after the pre-Full Gear move so this week we only have BTE and Dynamite to really worry about.

Being the Elite #179 Thoughts
Shirt tossing, post-show entertainment with a kid even getting an in-ring photo. Cutler's W-L dropped a mark as he ate a pin to that same kid. The Bucks mocked WWE and the statements you've seen some of their roster (cough...Seth "bootlicker" Rollins) drop lately, mainly in regards to the Saudi situation. Scorp got way too into a ring-kissing moment that I actually hope scars some fuckboys for life. I was at RenFest this past weekend (for the third time this season) so I've seen far "worse" than that lately. How they didn't break down laughing mid-way I have no idea. Kaz/Knox/Orange had one of the best moments and then Kenny and the Old Buc...I mean, Young Bucks had a moment. Page and the rest of the ELITE continue to be awkward when together. I know I've seen some fans complain that they feel that Dynamite doesn't get over the point enough and makes it feel like Dark and BTE are required viewing as a result, but I'd disagree. One fans said they felt like it made BTE, a show they said was just the roster fucking around and making themselves look like idiots, seem more important than Dynamite. I'd disagree with that, too. BTE and Dark (though to a lesser extent) are supplementals. Not required in any form, but nice added bonus points for those that are all in with AEW. So, don't worry. If you're not big on BTE, don't watch. Until this year, I only watched occasionally, actually. But know that I do agree with one point I've seen...BTE showcases a side of  AEW that adds a nice, humor touch to things without diluting Dynamite.

Speaking of...

Dynamite 11/16 Review
1.Mox vs Nakazawa NR
2.Jurassic Express vs Dark Order ***
3.Darby vs Avalon vs Spears **3/4
4.Rose vs Jordan NR
5.PAC vs Page ***1/2
6.AEW Tag Titles: SCU(c) vs Inner Circle ***1/4

AEW needs to fix their YouTube address.

A serviceable episode this week that, once again, went by fast and in no way felt like two hours. Two squashes, which I'd prefer limited to one in the future, on this installment. The promo from Mox and response from Darby later on was well done, and I am very excited about the potential here. Luchasaurus' return was entertaining, as he remains one of the most over roster members. The Jericho/MJF/Cody stuff was pretty fun, too. Wardlow's involvement should be interesting.

The Bucks are in largely charge of the tag division, Kenny of the women, and Cody of a lot of the top of the card things. I know it's looser than that, but you get my point. I bring this up because, while I'm not huge on the sports entertainment style, Cody's stuff so far has been in that wheelhouse, though closer to WCW/Attitude Era WWF than what most of us think of when we hear, "sports entertainment" and as a result it's actually been watchable. I do fear the direction of the angle a bit right now but it's a back-of-the-head fear largely due to WWE's years of failing at stories like this and I think Cody has already earned enough trust that I need to mute that. Jericho and MJF are great at what they do and this should all work fine. If not, there's always other stuff in AEW worth seeing. I just know they can't turn off fans right now. Oh, and please (on the very big off chance someone with decision making abilities in AEW is reading this) don't let Inner Circle add too many names like NWO did. We don't need AAA style heel units.

The best match of the night was the follow up on PAC/Page. Another very good contest between the two, with PAC ultimately taking the rivalry which was a good call.

The Bucks/PnP brawl was enjoyable.

The entire episode did very well to push angles forward while maintaining a nice balance throughout. Perhaps the biggest happening of the evening was the conclusion of the fairly good main event, though, with Scorpio Sky being the first man to get a victory over Jericho. It felt like a big deal and I sincerely expected Sammy was there to be the fall guy. That seemingly small detail is big to me not only because of the surprise factor, but also because it once again shows that the roster is willing to do what they think is best. Jericho eating a pin, even a flash pin, against a guy like Sky is a big deal in my opinion and matches the Bucks putting over Private Party. It's the small things.

While this wasn't my favorite episode of Dynamite, it was another edition that left me excited for more so they succeeded in that regard. Anyone else note they are basically running Battlebowl next week? It's just being rebranded the Dynamite Dozen. Perhaps the ring will be their mid-card prize? It'd fit the timeline Cody teased.

If you're a stickler, just watch the highlights of the segments and the main event as well as the full PAC/Page contest.

Overall Rating: 70/100%

Singles rankings:Champ: Jericho
PAC 4-1-1 (4-2-1 overall)
Cody Rhodes 3-1-1 (4-2-1 overall)
Adam Page 4-3 (5-5 overall)
Jon Moxley 2-0-1 (2-1-1 overall)
Darby Allin 4-2-1 (4-3-1 overall)

Tag Team rankings:Champs: SCU
The Lucha Bros 4-3 (5-4 overall)
Proud -N- Powerful 2-0 (3-0 overall)
The Young Bucks 4-3 (7-4 overall)
Best Friends 3-3 (Trent 4-5 overall, Chuck Taylor 4-4 overall)
Dark Order 3-2 (4-2 overall)

Women’s rankings:Champ: Riho
Britt Baker 3-1 (6-2 overall)
Hikaru Shida 2-1 (3-1 overall)
Emi Sakura 1-1 (2-3 overall)
Nyla Rose 2-3 (3-3 overall)
Allie 1-2 (3-2 overall)

I'm still a bit torn on Jericho and Sammy getting a title shot, as I think it slightly underminds the ranking system since they weren't even in the top five in the tag division. Still, this week's rankings look pretty close to what I expected, especially since Mox's win over Omega didn't count. 

The singles rankings has a few things of interest, mainly with PAC taking the #1 spot. Heel versus heel matches are tricky, but a title match with him and Jericho could be fun. I think they'll put him in another program for the time being, though. Cody is pretty high right now still, though I suppose Page lost on Dynamite and Mox's win, again, didn't count versus Omega and Nakazawa is...yea, so it still is logical placement. Speaking of Moxley, a program with Darby is set to begin this week which will clearly change these rankings up some. What's next for Page?

In the tag field, the Lucha Bros have moved to #1. Something I think would be a good move when the Bucks and PnP are done, would be to have Dark Order and the Bucks work for a while. They have a history of quality content and it'd likely help them over better. Inner Circle holding all of the gold could be a decent story and the former LAX crew are great workers so it would actually be an upgrade.

Over in women's news, Britt looks finally positioned to get a shot soon after putting down B at Full Gear. The division still has a lot of flaws to work out.