Matches from AAA Invading NY:
1.Daga vs Puma King vs Aerostar vs Flamita ***1/2
2.AAA Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs LAX ****

The four-way was a superkick party spotfest. I liked the headbutt spot, which was well done. Pretty fun stuff in general and it didn't overstay its' welcome.

The tag match was encounter #1043 between the two teams yet they once again made it worth seeing. When AEW goes to that well, it should be awesome, too. High drama, spot heavy, and top notch work in general. Watch this one if nothing else.

I considered checking some of the other stuff out, but ultimately decided against. Know that most of the show is supposed to be watchable, at the very least, but these two were seemingly the highlights and both turned out to be enjoyable.