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Matches from New Japan King of Pro Wrestling
1.Battle Liger vs Suzuki ****
2.IWGP Jr Title: Ospreay(c) vs Phantasmo ****
3.Kota vs EVIL ****
4.IWGP HW Title: Okada(c) vs SANADA ****

All four of these pulls were different. All four were fantastic. Liger/Suzuki was a truly emotional match with a superb post-match moment. The IWGP Junior Heavyweight defense could have been even better without the run-in, but was still a top shelf display of athleticism. Kota and EVIL killed it in a clean battle with both looking like the stars they are. The main event closed things on a high note in a battle that felt cinematic at times though perhaps a slight bit of fat could have been trimmed off.

I enjoyed all four of these pulls and recommend each of them for those who might have missed the show.