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Fire Pro Wrestling World on Sale for PS4

The PlayStation Store is currently hosting a sale that includes Fire Pro Wrestling World on sale  for $25. The deluxe version is now running $ 36  which includes Fire Promoter, Fighting Road: 2017 IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, an additional scenario, and an New Japan theme. This is one of the lowest prices I've seen the game at so consider adding it to your cart.

Select Match Reviews: Magic in the Revolution?

Match from IWRG Revolucion 09/01 1.TWE Title: Toxin(c) vs Dragon Bane ***1/2 2.IWRG Junior de Juniors Title: Hijo del Medico Asesino(c) vs Hijo del Alebrije ** 3.IWRG IC Heavyweight Title: Hijo de Canis Lupus(c) vs Hechicero ***1/2 Thoughts: IWRG is one of the most underrated feds in not just Mexico, but the world in general. Let's see how this one turned out... The TWE match was far more grounded than expected, with both spending a large portion on a stretch of technical trades. That said, it helped set a tone where they slowly built the violence. Instead of a sprint, this was a true battle between two of the better names in the company. I would have preferred a better finish and a few of the shots didn't land fully, but this was still very good and worth seeing and with a few tweaks it could have been even better. The follow up, on the other hand, had just enough interesting moments to keep the whole thing out of the dump that is one-star territory. I get what the

Select Match Reviews: Joshi in the Jungle

Match from STARDOM x STARDOM 1.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Hoshiki(c) vs Jungle **** Thoughts: This title run has cemented Arisa Hoshiki as the best women's worker of the year. Here, we have another worthwhile defense, though admittedly one that didn't quite hit the level I expected. That said, I still thought it was fantastic stuff leaving me wanting more. If you've been sleeping on this run, fix that mistake now!

Select Match Reviews: Argonaut Territory

Matches from PROGRESS Toronto 1.Devlin vs Banks ***3/4 2.PROGRESS Unified World Title: WALTER(c) vs Robinson **** Thoughts: It's always nice checking back in on PROGRESS, even if they are far from the same awesome wrestling promotion that they once were. This rebuild has been rather slow moving as they try to establish their new identity and vision while separating themselves from NXT UK. Two pulls this time. First up, Devlin takes on Banks. Both are NXT UK talents. Not a great start at that whole separating thing, but at least this was a great match and another worthwhile encounter between these two. The equal, back and forth nature of this one was entertaining and made both men come off like the stars they truly are. Check this one out. The main event saw the little pitbull, Paul Robinson, take on the mountain of a man, WALTER for the top prize of PROGRESS. Obviously, WALTER is the current NXT UK Champ, too. While that soul of PROGRESS seems to be MIA these days, litt

My Wrestling DVD Collection

I lost a decent load of my collection a few years ago. That said, I wanted to list out my current collection just because and doing so here seemed logical. Feel free to list your collection in the comments or let me know what item in your list you're most proud of. The Wrestler (Movie) ECW Blood Sport Best of WCW Nitro WCW Greatest PPV Matches Vol. 1 DGUSA Open the Historic Gate Untouchable Gate Fearless Freedom Gate Ultimate Gate Mercury Rising Northern Gate Uprising Enter the Dragon 2010 Untouchable 2010 Freedom Fight 2010 Way of the Ronin Bushido Freedom Fight 2011 United Philly Southern Gate United NYC United Finale Ultimate Gate 2013 Golden Gate 2013 Best of DG Vol 1 Disc 1 ROH Best in the World KENTA Go 2 Sleep PWG Sells Out Sells Out II Sells Out 3 Guerre sans Frontieres Steen Wolf Threemendous III Mystery Vortex III Threemendous IV BOLA 2015 All Star Weekend 11 CHIKARA 12 Large Summit Best of 2011 Best of Season 18 PWX X16 2

MLW War Chamber Review

Matches: 1.Leo vs Banks NR 2.War Chamber: Lawlor, Low Ki, Von Erichs vs CONTRA Unit *** Thoughts: The latest special event from MLW actually had me rather excited, so let's dig in and see if my enthusiasm is warranted. The opener here was a squash set to build Leo who is now going to be used as a singles competitor. I'll expect a collision course with Hammerstone is due. It was ok, but I'm not a fan of squash booking and the talents involved in them rarely impress me. It doesn't help that I think the Dirty Blondes sucked. Salina and Park then come out, beat the shit out of Banks and the ref, and announce that Park will cash in his title shot for the upcoming PPV. That could be interesting. Next week, we get a 2/3 falls match between the Hart Foundation and Dynasty for the tag belts. I might add that to my pull list, but we'll see. They also aired a segment featuring Kevin Von Erich and his kids. Good stuff. Time for the war gam...chamber match. Th

Select Match Reviews: Clash of the Cruiserweights

Match from WWE Clash of Champions 1.WWE Cruiserweight Title: Gulak(c) vs Lince vs Humberto ***1/2 Thoughts: Adding Lince Dorado was a smart move here because it allowed for more highflying to be added to the mix and also kept Humberto from eating a pin on a major show. The finish came off a bit flat for my taste, but the contest was very good and is another example of why 205 has such a cult following.

Weekly Wrestling Roundup: Sept. 2019 (Week 2)

Week of 09/08-09/14 This week marks the official start to the format change up for these posts. Basically, if it's not from a special event, it's likely you'll find it here. THIS WEEK'S ROUNDUP MVP: CARA NOIR This title will go to whomever comes off as the most impressive this week (from the matches listed not from specials). That said, Cara Noir was one half of the best contest of this week's roundup. He might have lost, but his charisma and general work once again showed me that he is positioned for a major breakout. Watch the match below and let me know if you agree. TV MATCHES OF THE WEEK This is where weekly television contests will now pop up, obviously. 1.Golden Magic, Lady Shani vs La Hiedra, Villano III Jr ***1/4 AAA Worldwide I am still waiting to see what they do with Golden Magic now, especially since they (seemingly) randomly decided to make him the next Octagon Jr despite just adding him to Jinetes to replace Laredo. AAA makes no sense some