Match from IWRG Revolucion 09/01
1.TWE Title: Toxin(c) vs Dragon Bane ***1/2
2.IWRG Junior de Juniors Title: Hijo del Medico Asesino(c) vs Hijo del Alebrije **
3.IWRG IC Heavyweight Title: Hijo de Canis Lupus(c) vs Hechicero ***1/2

IWRG is one of the most underrated feds in not just Mexico, but the world in general. Let's see how this one turned out...

The TWE match was far more grounded than expected, with both spending a large portion on a stretch of technical trades. That said, it helped set a tone where they slowly built the violence. Instead of a sprint, this was a true battle between two of the better names in the company. I would have preferred a better finish and a few of the shots didn't land fully, but this was still very good and worth seeing and with a few tweaks it could have been even better.

The follow up, on the other hand, had just enough interesting moments to keep the whole thing out of the dump that is one-star territory. I get what they were trying to do, but they largely failed. Simply put, skip it.

I finished with the main event, which was a rematch of a very good contest the two had recently that actually set this one up. They started with the expected, enjoyable mat work before adding dives and bigger spots. In some ways, this was a heavyweight version of the Toxin/Dragon Bane contest including a finish that kept things from reaching a higher rating. I hope we get more of Hechicero in IWRG and props to Hijo de Canis Lupus. Dragon Bane's brother has won me over this year and it's worth noting that I still consider the original Canis Lupus to be one of the most underrated guys in lucha history. Anyway, this was very good and a nice enough way to cap the evening. I just wish the finish had been better.